Rules update March 2014 for the Servers..

If you have any questions what so ever on rules or what might and might not be against the rules, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact a mod or admin. You can also post a thread in the forums and most long standing members should also be able to assist you with your questions. As a last resort, you can also /modreq in game and a mod will get to you when they have a few moments. Forums are the preferred method of communication.

Rules (Updated 03/1/2014)

  • 1) No hacking or cheating is allowed,
    This includes: Xray texturepacks and mods or any exploits in the game, Exploiting plug-ins or glitches
  • 2) No advertising at ALL (advertising our server to other servers would fall under that category)
  • 3) No griefing
  • We provide a FREE gold block for GRIEF PROTECTION. You may create more on your own and place them for free. If you fail to protect your land, it will be your fault.

  • 4) Be polite and respect players’ space

    Intent to destroy a players’ farm (animals or crops) will not be allowed

    This does not apply to player who replant or breed animals to make up for the loss.
  • 5) Do not spam and/or use caps-locked sentences, examples below:

    HELP I need someone to HELP me please -Good use of caps



    WHY DOES NO ONE ANSWER ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? -Bad use
  • 6) No scamming players out of items or money
  • 7) Do not help players to make sure they get away with breaking the rules

    This includes covering for your friends
  • 8) Mods are entitled to an “Elastic rule” to deal with proper situations not stated clearly in the rules.

    ·If you feel a mod has done something against the code of conduct, please inform admin Tercept or make a post HERE.
  • 9) The dangers of hacking/xraying/cheating
    • Player will lose all materials believed to be gathered from cheating
    • Player could end up losing their protected plots depending on the severity
    • Player could lose their rank and/or donor status
    • If you are assisted by a cheater you will be treated the same as the cheater
    • Player will be required to make a public apology for cheating. CHEATING HURTS EVERYONE

Reporting other players (We won’t tell the players who reported them!)

  • In Game: Use ‘/modreq [message]’ to leave a short message for the mods to look into. It will automatically save your coordinates.
  • On the Forums: Use the report section found here: REPORT SECTION.
  • Please leave any evidence you have as a short description of the rules they may have broken.

    Appealing your ban:

    If you have been banned, read this post on how to make a ban appeal.

    After that, post your ban appeal in the ban appeal board.