IslandCabin / Sunday Funday Project!

Posted: Feb 10 2019 20:30:50 by fffizzz
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SkyBlock is now live!

Posted: Jan 26 2019 20:08:04 by fffizzz
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We're officially on new hardware!

Posted: Dec 28 2018 18:34:40 by fffizzz
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What's new this month at MMC?

Posted: Dec 25 2018 21:11:08 by fffizzz
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WorldGuard Region Protection

Use WorldGuard for grief prevention, block entry to your palace, and countless flags to personalize your area...


MMC utilizes a virtual currency called zingas for money. You can buy or sell from player shops or even the admin shop at spawn.

Mob Arenas

Battle against waves of monsters and custom bosses in the ultimate arena fights! We have multiple arenas being setup and tested and can't wait to show you what they offer! You can upgrade classes, destroy terrain, and more!

Player Run Market

We feature tons of plots for player run shops. You can easily find a shop to buy and offer your wares to others! Head left out of spawn and follow the dirt path to the right.

Admin Shop

Admin shop offers several items which can be easily obtained, but also easier bought to help jump start your project. You can find it by traveling along the mountain side above market place, or /spawn and go up the stairs.


Spawn offers some basic help, warps to wild, portals to nether, mining world, and the end.