Worldguard 101

Posted: Apr 18 2020 14:25:43 by steven_saus
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We found a bug! Despawning Zombie Villagers!

Posted: Apr 16 2020 22:07:59 by steven_saus
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The End of an End City

Posted: Feb 15 2020 05:50:07 by steven_saus
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Player Run Market

We feature tons of plots for player run shops in our player-created and player-owned market! You can easily find a space for your shop to buy and offer your wares to others! Head past the spawn market, across the bridge, and to the right!

Admin Shop

Our admin shop, nestled in the village below spawn, offers several items which can be easily obtained, but also easier bought to help jump start your project. You can find it by using the /spawn command and going down the stairs.

WorldGuard Region Protection

Use WorldGuard for grief prevention, block entry to your palace, and countless flags to personalize your area! Detailed instructions and video in the Tutorials!