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  1. Vote for our server here for ingame money!

    Voting will net you 45 zingas (3 votes total), you can do each site once per day.

    Click Here to Upvote on Reddit
    Click Here to reply on MCF
    Click Here to vote for us on MineStatus.
    Click Here to vote for us at Planet MineCraft (No, we wont give you op :))
  2. Join us on TeamSpeak!!!

    Feel free to join us on our teamspeak server and get to know your fellow crafters even better! Put a voice to the avatar. Team speak is available for free to download from TeamSpeak's website.

    After you download and install, join us at and use the default port.

by crhyoyo at 1:12 AM
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Can we get a very small teleport delay? Something like two seconds? People are abusing quick tping in pvp to keep their shtuff. A few mods can probably back me up on this.
by fffizzz at 12:18 PM
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/server hungergames

I've updated and reopened our HungerGames mini server.

I'll post the stats later this week and if you encounter any bugs please let me know. I'm also gonna work on adding/changing things throughout the week!

When you're done playing, it will auto kick you from the game and just reconnect. You can also type /server survival to get back to the main game server.

At some point, rewards will be shared between survival and hungergames!
by fffizzz at 7:27 PM
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For those who autoupdated to 1.7.7 you can once again connect to our server. I've tested with a few people and they can once again connect. No need to downgrade your client, but right now we have people on ranging from 1.7.2, 1.7.5 and 1.7.7.
by Rio_fickle at 11:11 PM
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Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, new spawn was recently released. With a new spawn you can expect some sort of secrets for you to find! well this time that secret is my base!

YEP thats right, i'm currently starting a new base somewhere around the current spawn.
What is your job?


This quest is not meant to be anything major, and if no one manages to find it by tomorrow I will start adding clues to this thread :D

This base could be anywhere, your job is the find the way in and loot the chest BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE!

all staff are exempt from this quest, and those few players that already know about this are also exempt.
DO NOT speak of this to any member please. You know who you are.

Have fun!
by bingbong2715 at 10:55 PM
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We have greatly improved our current spawn, and now we have a wonderful little town fully equipped with an Admin Shop (will most likely open tomorrow), a PvP arena, a player market, and many secrets to discover!

A huge thanks to @Mikemer456 and @fdrandel for leading this as well as everyone else involved.

Hope you all enjoy!

Some things to take note of:
We are switching from an item based economy, you will be offered the ability to sell your emeralds at the admin shop TOMORROW.

Along with the changes to how money works, we have a couple familiar commands back. /bal or /money will show you your worth in game. We may add in /baltop so that you can be jealous of the richest perople on the server, but this usually leads to problems, we will play that one by ear. So, sell your emeralds at the adminshop for the new currency (virtual and no longer takes up space in your inv/chests/ender/etc) as buying things will NOW take money from your new...
by fffizzz at 1:15 PM
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Help create a new stone for use on the server. You can see default configurations on the precious stones wiki, as well as all flags allowed within that stone. Flags control all sorta of things. I'm on my phone so I can't link to the wiki, but a quick google will yield what you want. Contest ends next Friday, payout is ALL staff heads, and 25 diamonds!

What we're looking for.
Creative name.
Block for use of said stone.
Cost if any.
Flags! Keep in mind, we don't want anything like what we already have. Aim for unique, credit will be given to the winner and perhaps even a second place if there are sufficient good suggestions!

Go now, go create your block!
by fffizzz at 1:05 AM
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I used to run a webhosting company back in the day, still have the domain and was thinking about setting it up. If I got about 10 people interested in even the cheapest plan I'd offer $4.95, I'd get it going again. This would also allow me to run more game servers to expand our gaming network to other games besides Minecraft.

Pledge your interest if you'd like to know more. I dont have anything concrete at the moment, but something along the lines of 4 or 5 plans, from 4.95 to 19.95 a month, ranging from 5 domains to unlimited domains and 20 gigs of storage.

I'll post out some details in a bit.

I could even offer reseller accounts with a ton of storage and transfer, ddos protection, and make it like $20. So you could in theory host 10's or even hundreds of people under you.
by fffizzz at 12:05 PM
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While we attempt to fix issues with low populations, and improving the overall game experience for all our players, we still need assistance keeping it going. We have about 10 days left in this cycle before the bills are due and we've only had minimal donations this month.

As a Bonus for anyone who donates before the end of the month, you'll get 50+ more emeralds (if you donate $10.00 or more), and you'll also get 3 Spawn Eggs (no hostile mobs), and MY Head if you donate $20.00 or more.

Hopefully we can fix the issues within the next month so these donation drives arnt necessary and instead can offer you guys bonuses for being great players on our server.
by fffizzz at 2:15 PM
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Soon, we will be replacing spawn to simplify things, notably for our new users. It's come to our attention that several things should and will be changed to better suit our servers needs, and to help the new users feel welcome.

Road Designs! We plan to implement roads going N / E / S / W from spawn to world border. The road must be pleasing to look at, relativly small in size (less than 5-6 blocks), and you must account for how we shall deal with terrain changed (mountains, water (bridges)), turns, etc.

Come up with your best design, this wont stay open long due to the fact we want to get going on this ASAP.

I'd say voting will start in a couple days.
by fffizzz at 10:11 PM
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We're seeking your help! Lately (last month or so). counts have been dwindling as a fast pace and frankly I'm a little worried about it. I want to make things enjoyable to as many people as possible, although this isn't always possible.

What are YOUR opinions on whats happening lately? What can we do to score new users and get them to STAY playing on our server? Why are people leaving? Those are the questions that keep me awake at night.

I'd be interested in your ideas for enhancing gameplay.
Making things as easy as possible for new users to get started. For example, is the signage at spawn adequate, should we change things to be more helpful? Is spawn overwhelming to new people?

One thing I've thought would be good is roads going N E S W from spawn all the way to the border of the map. I see a lot of people get discourages when everything close to spawn is built and instead of traveling random directions, some roads may help. I was also thinking about adding some signs to random...