Zs5 reintroduction


Mega town builder
Donor Level 5
Dec 14, 2012
im zacsteeve5, real name steeve, short for Zs5 long for Zac_of_trikster.

Im a veteran of update 1.5, got trialmod one time but i guess i wasnt active anought. Im one of the biggest town builder but my first town i lived in was @Orjis87 's vahalla. I builded x-build that was 99chunks wide and skyfalls that was my second floating island.
Right now im building trikster_empire that will be about 600 chunks wide in the center of a montaing.
Im very friendly and pacifist but dont think ill let you hurt my resident and attack my town without fighting back, trikster empirer will be a defence island and brobably the biggest economi key in this server so be ready for a big fight if you get offensive.

Gracefully Zs5