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Aug 8, 2013
You can call me Swift, and I'm known as Swiftflight. I was once a 'moderateur' here at MMCCWWAMTG for a little over half a year, I have been on this server for almost a year and a half. I am usually into hanging out with ma broskies such as @TheWolfsHeart and @flamingninja09. I am sometimes referred to as Ross Snow for I am the bastard of the server... I am a freshman in high school in the most northern nation-state to ever north. My favorite band is Mucc, I love practically all rock. My hobbies are eating sushi, mending/building computer's and watching Anime... My top five in no order are:
  • Last Exile (Including the second series)
  • Gurren Lagann
  • Akame Ga Kill
  • Kill La Kill
  • Aldnoah Zero (For the feels!)
My current emotional investment is "Chaika -The Coffin Princess-." I enjoy Doctor Who, and at the moment my most enjoyable show this season is Constantine, but I am also watching the 100. Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings will always be legendary so there is no need to say which is my favorite... Can't talk about Firefly otherwise it might attract some pesky "they needed another season" warmongers. Obviously there are always things people leave out just to leave out.

I plan big extravagant bases but in the end they fall flat due to me always breaking my computer (and only possessing one.) But on the 1.7 server I managed to finish my base only to renovate it a month later. This led to some wonderful design choices and the sad removal of my base from this plane of existence. Now I live in the sky and mooch off of Nick and Shane... occasionally Roe and Menty... also Boosted...

I play Europa Uiversalis 4, Civilization 5, Minecraft, Terraria, Counter Strike, Bioshock, Magicite, Don't Starve, Team Fortress 3, Unturned, Space Engineers, Planet Explorers, Warframe, Arma 2, and that's pretty much all the Multiplayer games I play at the moment... Maybe a few others... Oh but on my phone I play Advena... fun game, addicting... and my favorite youtuber is Shen (shenryyr2)

Steam name: (SL) Swiftflight

That's pretty much it... I also want to go to college to design games though... Gunna be fun. So... yeah.
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Oct 17, 2014
Kill La Kill is my shit. So sad when it was over. If you haven't already check out Hunter x Hunter.