Pets have arrived!


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There are many new items in /shop! (our donation system)

The first I would like to announce is the addition of EchoPets.

Players are now able to donate to get a pet of their choice to keep them company, travel with, name, and use.

For example on a pet horse:

/pet horse:Chested,Black,Diamond;My_Horse

will give me a black horse with diamond armor, chests with the name "My Horse".

These pets are all configurable.

There is one limitation on the Package X as all of these mobs fly you must purchase the ride capability separately as this is a very game breaking mechanic.

The $10 Dragon deal is LIMITED TIME ONLY. The deal comes with the ability to ride the dragon meaning you can fly, just dont fall off.


$10 to fly, that's cheap.. soon to be: half of mmc is flying. idk how long the offer stands, but come on..