My sister's Dreams on the Ice


The Ghost Architect
Jan 1, 2014
Hello there everyone, Niko here. Some of you may know me and some of you may not, but I'm a fairly old player on MMC that's been focused on other things and as such, I'd like to take a moment to see if I might be able to help my little sister out.

She dreams of being an Olympic figure skater and for those who don't know, that takes considerable training and as such, considerable fundage. My Dad has a heart condition that prevents him from working due to the fact that he'd lose his medical if he did (killing him in a matter of weeks) and my mother has various other medical conditions that prevent a majority of work as well. That leaves me, a guy with an income <20,000 a year xD kind of strained. To cut it short, a donation would be amazingly helpful and considerable appreciated.

To make it long? I'm willing to "sell" whatever I can digitally. If you need a map, I'll make it. If you need advertisements or (as good as I can get them) graphics, I can do that. If you need some literature (I can write poems, letters, proof-read) assistance, I can do that. If you need some advice, I might be able to do that. If you need a slave for your mega-build in survival, I can do that too.

I can do a handful of things but I may not be the greatest of use, so I really just figure that at least this post will share a little bit about my life and the accomplishments of my sister, but if you know anyone that takes an interest in these things, or you yourself are interested, please by all means do so.

My apologies for soliciting on the MMC forum which itself asks for donations, I don't intend to harbor any potential funding for the server, it's just that I'm not part of many forums and this is an easy way to ask a handful of people I'm acquainted with. Thanks guys, and have a Happy New Year!