MMC Nostalgia Thread


theres a bunch on minecrafters youtube page in general (drmixable), heres some note worthy ones. These go back to 2010

good ole piddy :'(

classic minecraft court. great shot of the forms at like 7:15, plus many old voices.

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Man I wish I still had my old screens to show here. I really enjoyed building countless shit like spawntown, concordia, atlantis, warhub arenas, other stuff and of course the dungeon. I also enjoyed being on the mod team, discussing the daily runnings of the server, helping people out and of course screwing with people (I really enjoyed FWWAFK to bad the screens are gone). You're all a bunch of cool people and especially fffizzz congrats for hosting this for so long, through the good and the bad. Even though I got bored with minecraft a long time ago, I always liked to check on things now and then. The shutdown has been lurking around for a long time, it's still sad to see things go. All I can say is: thank you for the good times, I will never forget :)


Hello people

Where the hell do I begin? This server was a huge escape for me a few years back. I still remember logging in for the first time with TwentyTenor and trekking for in-game days to find the perfect mountain to begin constructing our base. It was shitty, like all of our bases, and I had the classic 8x8 shitbox house. I remember mods thinking we were x-raying, eventually getting promoted to a temp mod, then a full mod, competing with Tenor to see who could get highest on the heirarchical ladder. Eventually doing a ton of fun shit that mostly involved banning people and floating around for a couple of hours, going afk, and floating around some more.

Unforunately, I've lost all of my screenshots after I had to system restore and I didn't think to back up my MC stuff. I'll just list a couple highlights.

-Making the Adventure Questline with Tenor back in the world that had the Jungle spawn (I can't remember the official iteration)
-Seeing everyone's positive feedback on the Adventure Questline. In case anyone remembers or cares, the inspiration for the storyline we established was the IRL disappearance of a mod of an old MC server tenor and I used to frequent. He vanished in 2011 and is still missing to this day. I also thought he was a douchenozzle.
-Spending literal days trying to design the hub hotel with other mods in the Adventure World and flaking hardcore
-All of the bans for xraying and drinking the salty tears for sustenance
-My favorite ban of the Itz_ brothers after literal months of them avoiding bans through technicalities. Seriously nothing was more satisfying than writing their ban report
-all of the drama between Canadian Taser and other temp mods and players
-making tenor and I's gravestone in the last world we were around for before we quit (did anyone ever find it?)

If anyone ever wants to contact me or play vidya with me, I'm on PS4 as tTheoRy (apparently my name is hard as shit to find in the search function, so good luck), Xbone as Rikutsu, Wii U as Rikutsu, steam id/rikutsu. I pretty much dont PC game anymore tho so gg
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There are too many stories to tell and too many old builds to share haha
It's been a great run with you all



The base iClarion built in Hardcore that our dear friend Howard_Roark blew up and then floated above for several hours to establish his dominance. Some great name drops in here too
howard blew up my base i built also its the fun when we had factions on the server one time. lol,,


i never finished my damm 3 story condo buildings in creative ..... what ever happend to our famous AFK norwegean guy that always get placed in a box of lava or placed in ice blocks..


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I just wanted to say after watching hours of recordings I have of Osric, Crhyoyo, and I completing the dungeon I actually kinda miss the good ole days of mmc :(


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I just randomly signed onto the page again after such a long time! Great memories and experiences with you guys. You all were part of my life for such a long time and I will never forget everything that we did together!
Take care everyone,

P. S. Add me on skype @ coleman774 if you ever feel like catching up
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Well well, if it isn't MMC. The most fun I ever had playing Minecraft. I can't even begin to list all of the awesome people I met, talked with, mined with, and crafted with. I miss playing here. Lost interest in MC once MMC went away. I mean sure, I moved onto console MC for a while, but it wasn't the same. You guys all made MC fun. I'm going thru some old screenshots I have from the server and found some cool builds I had. Because let's be honest, everyone knows I was the best builder. <+]:)

I remember the build contests. Survival Island mode. Late nights with no mods on. Yes, the drama. The obstacle course I built underneath a desert temple. My massive creative spawn pyramid. The White House I built, with a room for each mod. Briefly being mod. Having creative mode! Bingbong bicycling across the country. Finding out Howard_Roark lived 15 minutes from me. I remember what I was building when MMC shut down. I remember staying up late, mining until I got one more diamond.

Hope everyone is (y)

Screenshots coming soon….

EDIT: I'm pretty sure I was a co-creator of FWWAFK too. I think Niko and I were messing with Howard while he was afk when we made that up.