MMC Nostalgia Thread


Post stories/pics/videos of anything mmc related so we can feel dat nostalgia... The older and more vivid the better. And bonus points for drama, cause we all know this server was a shit show at some points.



The base iClarion built in Hardcore that our dear friend Howard_Roark blew up and then floated above for several hours to establish his dominance. Some great name drops in here too


My screenshots dont go that far back, im not good at keping files as some of yall know :(. but i still have some worthy of sharing. Here they are:

Oh goodness how i loved changing your entire mario castle to black and yellow wool with WE bing. Just in general trolling you while you were building that thing was greatness. And bonus for the Seananners reference that made me start playing minecraft online.

fucking Rodtang, such a master with words.

lol so much shit like this....

ahhhh FWWAFK howie, great stuff



The base iClarion built in Hardcore that our dear friend Howard_Roark blew up and then floated above for several hours to establish his dominance. Some great name drops in here too
Hey that's my place around the 7 minute mark :eek:

And I need to boot up my old laptop and start getting some old screenshots if I can find them


Here's some older stuff: video edition

The first version of the mario castle. Made before I knew what world edit was and a lot of it was actually built in survival:

The one and only howie shooting his gun like the libertarian texan he is:

The original dungeon trailer:

Ossy covers rihanna:

notable missing videos: painkings matt/maddie video, ftbl's glorious turn around bright eyes rendition, and that one time that me and ftbl livestreamed us playing mario kart 64


Some notable old screenshots. I'm missing quite a few but have a bunch of good ones. Here they are in order.:

From Feb 25th, 2011. Back when spawn killing seemed like the thing to do:

From July 26th, 2011. Me and Fuzza doing our best matt/maddie impression:

From August 30th, 2011. Howie staring longingly out the window with his (superior than fry) cookie monster skin. Also note the WaterWorld tags:

From August 31, 2011. The one and only picture I have of the original and never again duplicated WaterWorld. Obsidian island spawn and infamous "poos" can be seen in the background:

From September 7th, 2011. The day my mario castle is finished after months of building. Noobland and WaterWorld tags seen:

September 8th, 2011. Fucking with howie:

September 11th, 2011. @ftblplaya9207 gets access to WorldEdit thus beginning a dark chapter for MMC:

September 14th, 2011. The update that makes arrow stay stuck in bodies comes out. Doing some testing on @ZionRx :

From October 3rd, 2011. A strange rash of kids having MC sex breaks out. This is where the Matt/maddie fame comes from (not them pictured):

From October 20th, 2011. Kraven/CanadianTaser is on trial for something silly. @ftblplaya9207 is the defense and I'm the prosecutor with howie sitting in as judge. Nothing is accomplished this day:

From January 21st, 2012. Rodtang, or Rudetang as I liked to call him, would afk for hours and randomly pm with with one word insults from time to time:

From Feb 5th, 2012. Howie staring off into the distance looking at some big cawk:

From March 11, 2012. New player is suspicious of me. Also, the original admin duo are both in chat:

From April 16, 2012. The second WaterWorld BBF base. Thats BsmBingFtbl for you all who dont know:

From September 1st, 2012. Playing Fuzzamuzza's favorite song - chirp:

From September 19th, 2012. Rudetang living up to his name in staff chat:


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My Dungeon Teaser

The First Winner of Dungeon

@bingbong2715 and I testing a new world with dear @fffizzz

@ftblplaya9207 on top of my flag in Atlantis

I redecorated @Gerrit8500 's ftbl torture chamber while he was gone. .

May the staff of old RIP

Small part of Atlantis. This was the Gentleman's Club

Secret Meeting with the Admin NPCs (I was a mod at the time)

Since Easter is coming up. . @bingbong2715 should be changing his skin soon

We cannot forget Anthony's loving nature.


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This was a base we made in a factions world we had almost exactly 2 years ago.

And this...

I bet there is only one person on this thread that might know where this photo came from.
I feel like I was the one that said Destined with great porpoise.


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Ahhh, the looong history here. Too bad the most screens I seem to have saved are proof of grief and cheating. I'm showing the screens of those precious mmc moments. Wish I would've saved the really old ones too...

one of many FWWAFK moments with Howie

Some great old mods I often refer to as 'the ponies' were helping to build a level on our attempt at building an multiplay rpg adventure world. Seeing these guys go at it was often hilarious

The true veterans will know this guy. It's one of the many ALTS of canadiantaser or whatever alt we knew him best by. In this screen I found out that he has been building his 'reputation' in other servers too. Here's a NPC memorial of him burning eternally for shit he started on this particular server.

A conversation between me and rodtang, during that a more hilarious conversation with Bing and a new player.

Me and bing being delighted at one of bsm's visits.
Even as we mourn the passing of one of our greatest ex-mods, crime (xraying) never sleeps!

I have no story for this. It's just @bingbong2715 and @bsmarshall throwing around carrots

Welcome to Atlantis, the city of @DJRedFlames !

DJ's humble abode in his city to the left.

Entrance to the gentlemen's club, with DJ on the stairs

One of the pony mods @TwentyTenor2 , before he was modded or after he stepped down. Probably the latter. He's playing in skyworld map. An initiative with moderate success.

The entrance to DJ's and mine (but also help from many others) pet project: Dungeon. It was fun for the more hardcore survival+parcours players. Many others never made it to the end. @Howard_Roark is staring at his doom.

A decorative piece of the dungeon map. Somewhere here lies the secret to the biggest easter egg of dungeon, where you can find out it's entire history (spanning years of development and changes)

Me making a return after my retirement, hearing out what has been going on. I believe this was my reaction upon hearing that the admin team had remodded TheWolfsHeart again.

Bonus vid @bingbong2715


Haha I got a question right on jepordy not too long ago about Quetzalcoatl and it made me think of you gerry. Guess that was the reward for all the sacrifices......