MMC Is shutting down...


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For those who are getting GTA V on PC, that will be a game I will be playing for quite a while and I would love you play with you all.

For those who are into roleplaying type games and have ArmA III send me a PM if you are interested.

Remember we have a steam group! Join it so we all can keep in touch.

Guys/Girls, I had a really fun time while I was here. I wish it didn't have to end. Thank you all for the support over the years, the memories and the friendships.

@fffizzz should be setting up the worlds that we have for download.

@bingbong2715 has had a special map he has been working on for a while just progress has been really slow. He might release it himself or he might just keep working on it. I hope he posts updates in the steam group.

@Boosted_FG2 @dwa1275 Thank you both for stepping up to the plate and managing the server in the admins' absence. It helped a lot.

@The Other Mods. Thank you guys for your continued support and help.

My Steam Name: Benjamin Williams (Wizard)
I've played on this server for about 5 years now and has been by far my favorite one, all the support the server gave me brickmaster and destroyer. My steam name is LTDom. I hope you all find good new servers to play on and I wish you luck -Dominic
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The server that was basically the inception for many of our PC Gaming, and the inception for many of our Minecraft friends is finally at its end. You know...I'm sad, but happy at the same time. Sad because the server I've connected with so many with is going down, but happy because I know there's been a battle this entire time. Fizz deserves a good long break.

I became an active member of the community around the Beta 1.8 days, but I've been around for a bit earlier of a time then that. I've seen players come and go, and even had a few come and go moments myself. Hell, even recently I've barely been able to get on due to both my work, and my surprising boredom towards the game, something I thought I couldn't get.

All good things run out, but again. I'm not overly sad, because look on the bright side, we've got a new server coming. My only words to prepare for this server?
Buckle. Your. Pants.

After 2 and A half years I have been here (with quiting and restarting) it is sad to read it goes down. I think it is time for me to say goodbye to minecraft in general. I'm not into it as I once was so I completely understand your choice. I wish all of you a great time, I hope to see yall in some other game sometime :)



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Ah, well, it's been fun, (who am I kidding, I went through hell and back as a mod here. >_>). Having joined in late June of 11, I've seen everything. I've witnessed the ups and downs of MMC. From the demodding and banning of AAAALLLLL the mods, to the gradual depletion of players.

It's been fun, gg. I nearly made it half a decade. ._.
Ah, well, it's been fun, (who am I kidding, I went through hell and back as a mod here. >_>). Having joined in late June of 11, I've seen everything. I've witnessed the ups and downs of MMC. From the demodding and banning of AAAALLLLL the mods, to the gradual depletion of players.

It's been fun, gg. I nearly made it half a decade. ._.
*Raises his glass* Rip MMC


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Well...I know I've been very inactive but its really sad to see the server go. I joined back in may 2012 and was very into it. I started be coming very active on the 1.7 server then got caught up with school and everything so I had to take a little break in 1.8. Thanks fizz for a great server :)


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Wow... I don't know much to say... Shit man... I wish I could have spent the final days on the server... actually playing on the server... but these are the sad times... All I can say is at least the forums and teamspeak will stay up for the meantime. Might I say Fizz... You have certainly done some of your best. Words cannot really describe the feelings that I am experiencing.

Steam name: (SL) Swiftflight
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I've been bracing myself for this news for quite some time, however that didn't help. MMC has given me some of the best, and worst, times of my life so far, at least online. Threw mmc I found some great friends who I am still in contact with even though I haven't played minecraft in years. I know that I am marmite and some of you hated me and some loved me, more of the hate but eh, it was still a hell of a lot of fun and a pleasure working with everyone.

My steam name is bluechops;
I shall be getting GTA V on PC and look forward to playing with you @Tercept
@fffizzz and @bingbong2715 you two still owe me beer.

If help is needed maintaining the forums and Teamspeak please contact me.

I wish everyone the best of luck in the future, and hope that one day mmc comes back.


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You were on like... 5 months ago... I mean it was technically last year... I mean... It was most likely said as some form of pathos... I mean okay... Love you blue.
I was online, yes. Never actually properly playing and enjoying the game. The people, very much so :)
Really felt we had more but in the same breath kinda felt this coming. I must thank you admins and other staff members for making this such an enjoyable server and community to play on. When I got here i was an ass hat and had no intentions of ever being here this long, But it was the people who kept me around.

@fffizzz @Tercept @bingbong2715 We have to take our hats off to the admins... I mean 5 years on a minecraft server is almost unheard of. So thank you guys for that very much was one hell of a ride fellaz. I appreciated the opportunity you guys gave me as a staff member but more so a friend. I have learned so much from you guys and will carry some of the MMC ways and trends over to our new server and even have a special RIP area for our founding fathers ;). You guys will never be forgotten to me and I hope to stay in contact with all of you.

Me and Dwa have sense opened a Vanilla style survival server and its just about ready to go public. We also as well opened a team speak for the new server for everyone to use (if they choose). Anyone is welcome to come join us if you desire some of the previous mods I will allow to carry over rank to continue on. We are well aware the majority of the population may not transfer over or go off to do there own thing and we wish you all the best. Stop by one day just to at least say hello ehh? We would like that very much

@SuperZachlee3000 just so you know there are no harsh feelings brotha at all man. You were a good mod and a pretty good friend and I appreciate that so the best of luck with you new server and if you have any questions feel free to ask I may be able to help. Im not here to compete with you bro we all stem from the same roots. I would say feel free to post your server link so your friends and head ur way as we will do the same. I would have no problem with that, im not forcing anyone to come here vs there. So with that being said good luck bro and farewell.

Its been really awesome knowing you guys, you guys created me and kept the server alive for as long as we did. Without the members and trusted's donations this shit would have never been possible. Would like to keep it touch with some of you guys so my contact info will be below on how to stay in touch if you choose. If i don't hear from you then take care of yourself and live a happy wonderful life. Its been a really fun ride guys :)

-Your MMC Vet Mod

Hope to see you guys soon ;)

Our New Survival Server Address : ""
iSS Team Speak: " "
My Steam Account: " Boosted_fg2 "
Website: (We own domain but no webpage or forum up yet) coming soon.
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Y'all are all awesome and I've made some great memories and met some super cool people over the years. When I first hopped on during the early days I never could have imagined how great of an experience it would end up being and that I would still be around in the year 20 freakin' 15. I don't want to name to many people by name to risk missing out on some people, but @fffizzz you are really a great guy with the patience of a saint. The community you've grown since 2010 is truly something special.

Plus I have gotten pretty fond of my mustachioed internet persona at this point :p hate to see him go

I hope you all keep in touch. My steam account is bingbong2715.

See you all around! :love:


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Been inactive for what seems like forever, but MMC was a good chunk of my time for quite a while. Once mod, then trusted - wouldn't have had it any other way. I did make a couple friends on here and I do hope to stay in touch.

I pop on Steam occasionally if anyone wants to add me on there. I'm getting into Hearthstone so it'd be cool to have people to play with over there as well. (Steam: kytastrophic)

I wish everyone the very best. :)