MMC Is shutting down...


Hey guys/girls,

This is a formal announcement that we will be shutting the game servers down effective on the 27th. The website and teamspeak will be left up for quite some time as they've already been moved to a more maintainable environment.

Boosted and some of the other mods will be setting up a server for you guys to play on, details on that will follow.

Many may be asking why? I wont go into a lot of detail, but to keep it simple, here goes.

I've been running this server for nearly 5 years. Playercounts have always been a struggle unless we do a fresh reset, and that's not a maintainable playing style. We've tried and tried again to make things work so that we could continue, but nothing worked.

I have zero desire these days to even do anything related to minecraft, and the other admins are in the same boat. Not to mention, many of the mods are no where to be found these days as well.

Part of me thinks I should have listened to myself 2 years ago and gone another direction for the server, IMO survival is dead and has been for a long time. Its really a niche gameplay style these days. What would I have done differently? It's hard to say right now, but more mini games, pvp focused play style probably would be worked much better in the long run.

Anyway, I don't want to ramble. I'm very sad about all of this and wish to give you all a farewell from my heart. It's been a great ride and with the exception of some of you (You know who you are), you were all great people and enjoyed my time on the server with you all.

Good bye to the game server, forums and team speak will remain up and active (hopefully).


Thanks fdran.. I'm always up for ideas and suggestions. Perhaps another game will come along that I have to run a server for. hah :)

Im sure not many have seen this yet since DNS is still propogating for many..
Sadface...It's been a ride though. I haven't been here for very long but the memory's and all the fun times I had on this server will never leave. I can't believe that this is it though, I remember the first time logging on after LAForsman invited me to the server in September of 2013. I have decided to move on though and create my own server with a couple friends. I don't want to advertise or compete with Boosted's server so I am going to leave it at that and if you want to message me on skype or something then ill tell you about it. This server has really been a pretty big impact on my life and will never be forgotten. I will also never forget the friends I have made along the way. If anyone wants to still chat, talk and keep in touch with me my skype is: Zach.lee6. And also thank you fffizzz for giving me the opportunity to moderate on this great server. Thank you all for making these years the greatest.



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Thank you for this amazing server Fffizzz!!!

And thanks to all mods and admins for giving me and this community so much fun for the time it lasted. I do hope some of the community will remain on Boost and Dwa's new server, otherwise I'd be missing you guys way too much...

Good luck with everything Fffizzz, as I am guessing this will be one of your last posts! I hope to see you again on some other server perhaps, in the future ;)
I joined back in 2011 and have always loved the community and the server. I have had the pleassure of being moderater for a long time(If you add the 2 other times I was mod) and I really tried my very best to help out as much as possible for the server. It is really a shame that the server has to end like this, but all good things have to end at some point. Just really sad it ended this way.
Hopefully we see a lot of faces from here in the next world.


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I still can't believe this server is shutting down i've spent so much time on here and made some really great memories and friends this was my first and only survival server and my favorite one at that so sad to see it go but thanks @fffizzz for running it for so long its been a pleasure playing on this server and knowing you as well hope to see you guys on the teamspeak and continue to play other games with most of you loved the server loved the people sad to see it go.:( if anyone wants to stay in contact my skype is: concussionbryan124 ~Farewell
i joined the server late 2012 and was on and off till end of 2014 when i began to play almost daily, its been a wonderful experience with many great in game friends. I'm going to miss the server, but want you to know that you did a great job fffizzz. Look for me around minecraft guys.
Its really been a great run with ya guys and I am highly fortunate to have been with some of you guys over the years. MMC will never be forgotten for all of us and I appreciate the hard work all the admins and mods put into this server. I had a blast playing on here for all my years going through high school. I will keep in touch on the forums and maybe go to the new server.

But yeah, thanks again fffizzz. You're the best. <3


IF decide to do anything else minecraft related, ill send out an email.I had some ideas that were heavily fought against in the past. I'm taking a break either way. Feel free to PM/email me and we can talk.