Mines of Moria


We Dwarves are short and wide in stature. We tend to be rather dull, solitary and stubborn. But what we lack in kindness and generosity, we make up with our mining and smithing skills. It was from these skills that we turned the innards of a mountain into a the mines you see before you today. Although it may be bland and a little beat up, it's not what you can see that will keep you around. It's the things you will find that will have you coming back for more. These mines are shrouded in mystery and adventure in which you can join!

From generation to generation these mines have been used as the dwarves home. I ~Foose the ruler and overseer of these mines invite you into the dwarven brotherhood. Join me in glory that will never fade. Long Live the King and Long Live Moria.

As of right now, there are still a lot of things that are under construction or unfinished. For future planning the list below are all of the shops and/or buildings that are done or are to be:

- Cooked Goods Store
- Armory
- General Block store
- Library(with enchanting tables and anvils)
- Agricultural Sector
- Stable
- Vault
- "Highend" Residential Area
- "Low/mid" Grade Residential Area
- Villager Bank
- Town Hall
- Redstone Museum/Store
- Build/Mining Request Station
More buildings are to come!

I will be opening jobs to those that are part of the town as listed below:

King- Fooseballk9

Grand Duke - Mr. Vasegaard - Second in Command, takes place of King when not present(add/remove residents)

Archduke - Open - Third in Command, takes place of Grand Duke when not present(add/remove residents)

Knight - Open - Event manager, creates events for the residents(must be approved by above ranks)

Builders - Open x3 - builds supplied by the above, varies from clearing areas to building structures.
If needed more positions can be and will be made.

Any suggestions or questions can be posted on this forum or messaged to Fooseballk9 in game.
P.s. - Screenshots or updates of the town will be posted soon
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I am currently looking for some Helpers. All that help will be offered premium spots in the town, a rank inside the town and some sort of payment. I will be on alot over the weekend so feel free to join me online.