Idea's Tips and Input!


Hi hi hi hi,

As we all know the server had a great restart! :p
I see a lot of great idea's for the server flying thru the chat! Time to write em down somewhere!
So let your fantasy go nutz and post em here! :D

Some of my idea's:

- Have 'magic carpet' added to the donor's list somewhere. (If it still works)
- Have a pvp-arena
- (not my idea, but saw it in chat) Have monthly/weekly clan wars where people battle eachother in teams (only if they are in for it). clans can be joined freely
- have custom 'war-zones' with a custom terrain for pvp
- have the plugin where theres a LOTTERY where people can bet on a number from 0 to 100 and put a money sum on that number, winner gets everything
- Have a mining dimension/world but give it something interesting, custom world gen, things to explore like random weird caves etc.. but don't make it so you can build bases in there.
- player involvement in building the needed buildings and projects is a cool way to involve everyone :p

- and ofcourse, T_E_S for president!

okay, your turn!

xxxx T_E_S

(excuse my english btw, I'm a native dutch speaker)


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It's very good English m'dude. I've already started working on building portion, as you're well aware.

PVP Arenas are already planned, and I don't see how it'd be difficult to make a 'clan' battle work along with that.
PVP AREAS are also becoming a thing, and will alert you as you enter.

Lottery plugin would actually be pretty neato, I'm sure there's a plugin for it already.
Mining world would be interesting, maybe using the amplified feature or something? I know there's some way to generate the world like the Nether, but instead with overworld aspects and ores. Definitely agreeing with not building bases in there, since it'd probably be reset often enough.

Overall, a lot of good suggestions! Let's see how many we can get in.


Resource world / Mining world is in the plan already!
I think wolf covered most everything else for me. :)


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Personally I also would like to get some channel system back, like a market channel, language channels , general chat etc.
Perhaps some bonuses to specific jobs if you hit certain milestones, for example less levels needed to enchant for enchanter, or getting an extra % change of getting some more diamonds, emeralds , coal etc. from certain ores. Instead of just gaining levels in it and money?

Builder would probably be the hardest to get things, like maybe let them use command blocks and allow them certain commands only when they reach certain levels (not things like give item, but texts , sounds etc.) , or let them get someways to use more types of flags when using worldguard? Maybe let someone with the job crafter make items nobody else can, like aforementioned command blocks, or saddles etc.?

sorry for my bad English, I am from the Netherlands , so English isn't my native tongue.


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Hi all,

Here's some input from a third Dutch person ^^
First of all, thanks to @fffizzz for bringing this server back to life.

I'd like /help to be fixed, currently I don't have perms
Also I think shift clicking is overpowered with sand, I ruined part of a desert for some quick cash.
Not sure if there is an admin shop and/or black market or if it could be added like in the past.
Maybe a rail network in the nether could be created as a project run by players?
Personally I'd like /pl to be allowed so I can see the plugin names, which helps when trying to google commands.

As always I may try to become the richest player on the server, but I believe the bank is being built at spawn as I'm typing this.
I have an IRL job now so I can't be online all day like when I was studying a few years ago, however it may make me an IRL rich ass.



edit: Fantastic, I still have this screenshot snippet in my signature from when I was mod here. Amazing job, @fffizzz


Bank is built, I'll work on fixing help.

Rail network is a great idea!

I'll remove sand from the vein mining, not really an ore anyway.


An idea for the brewery plugin, if it's possible, make it have some more side effects like advanced speed or haste, makes the use for the drinks way more interesting. Otherwise I fear the use of it might slowly dissapear since being wasted and typing like a 3yr old in chat isn't all that usefull lol (unless thats already included, havent player around all that much with it yet)

I'm in for a railroad too! If the project finds a start I'll surely do my part on it!

New jobs are always fun, maybe we could all (everyone thats interested) put our heads together for some extra special ones? Same could be done for some brewing recipes?

Maybe, next to the top Fisher, top miner... board at spawns also add a top builder board, since it's minecraft and not minefish haha <3

Just some small ideas, could be nothing usefull, it's 5 at night so Brain functions are limited 😂

Okay, G'night and enjoy playing!

(Maybe turn the drunk talk in chat off, it's kinda annoying 😚)


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I see the idea of a magic carpet was mentioned. I always saw issues with this plugin in the past (magic carpet still appearing despite payers leaving(its been a while, I'm not aware if this was a plugin based issue or a problem with certain servers)). I feel the command fly should be issued with certain donor ranks, or as a separate purchasable perk instead.
While building my home I noticed a fly command would have been incredibly useful. Although since the server is a survival based, perhaps there could be a cooldown on the command. I'm not sure if there is any way to limit the time between fly usages, but for example you get a 30 minute time with using, then a cooldown for X amount of time. Just so it isn't incredibly OP in the survival world.


Ya, that's a tough one! Magic Carpet likely hasn't been updated in years. We can certainly brainstorm on this one though.


Dutch guy number 4 here. I think having reoccurring events at certain days and times would be good as well. Like the arena that is being build on now. Maybe have like a ranked system every weekend or something.

So you could always play it with at least 2 people but in the weekend there is a tournament with extra prizes.

Also if a town system comes back I am for sure gonna make another boxing arena or something like back in the days. Those tournaments were always fun as well.