Hero Chat channel commands


Donor Level 5
Dec 10, 2012
With getting your own private channel now being a donation perk there are some things you need to know to get the most out of your channel.

First off the settings the channel gets created with.
  • The channel is created with your name being the channel name and the nickname.
  • The player is given mod status in the channel
    • Mod Status means the player can kick, mute, and ban players from that channel
    • It also means you can change most settings of that channel (even remove it!)
  • The channel is created with crossworld being enabled. This allows you to talk between the nether and overworld (or the end and such)
Second is what you want to know how to change.
  • The shortcut name: /ch set [name] nick [Name Name]
  • The Color of Text: /ch set [name] color [color code]
  • Enable shortcutting like /g [message]: /ch set [name] shortcut true
More info below:

namethe channel's name
nickthe channel's nickname
passwordthe channel's password (leave blank for no password)
colorthe channel's color (use the codes or common names from Wiki)
distancethe maximum distance between players for messages to be heard (0 is global)
shortcutAllowedallows use of /<nick> <msg> to quickly send messages without changing focus
worldsa list of the channel's allowed worlds
bansa list of banned players
mutesa list of muted players
moderatorsa list of moderators
formatthe channel's format (see the Message Format Tags section for available tags)
verboseenables join/leave messages
focusableenables setting a channel as active with /ch <channel>