Direction of server, what worlds/types would you personally like?


I'm enjoying the simple nature of the server at the moment, but I know simplicity only lasts so long.

--- Spawn (newbs spawn in the hub world, also used to go to other places)
--- Survival
--- ???
Easy enough to setup multi world configuration again. Just not sure what everyone wants.
Not sure if people are ready to commit to Minecraft again. I think we all love to play with the old gang again, but I don't think all is ready for a long run.
If its the case, that we will continue and try to make progress, then I will gladly help a bit. :D
First of all there is the ancient problem of trade-off. We could tailor multiple maps to everyone's specific preferences but then the server might feel empty again and there really is no point in playing for long because there is no real competition or interaction. I think the 'play modes' are based on the likeliness of pvp/griefing and availability of resources. So on one end there is creative and on the other end there is waterworld ( = insane everything goes murderfest). I think 2 worlds should suffice. A pve environment where the focus is on creative building and cooperating, probably assisted by some plugin (used to be towny), pvp more or less discouraged. And on the other end I propose the batshit insane waterworld where everyone is completly on their own with only a warp to spawn and a warp of your choosing. New people should spawn in the pve world. Those are 2 'main' map ideas.

On the other hand I always enjoyed another plugin we used to have called 'warhub' which allowed fights in a custom made map with chosen rules like: deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, domination,... I don't know if they ever really took off but I always thought these serve as a very fun disctraction

P.S. Tercept was so nice to backup the dungeon map so we should really, really, really get together and do run with everyone at some point. Should be fun as hell, I never actually tried it lol



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P.S. Tercept was so nice to backup the dungeon map so we should really, really, really get together and do run with everyone at some point. Should be fun as hell, I never actually tried it lol
It actually survived? That is amazing!

If it's on the server I may come take a look sometime.
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Personally I'm not into the fighting stuff, I prefer building and working on stories in a more roleplay like environment. A plain PvE world would suffice for me.

Not having a way to protect land and chests is a fun way and adds a threat to the peaceful world. It makes you think of secret doors and hiding places for your valuables.

I'm not sure how much time I'd be spending on the server anyway, so basically I'm happy with any world configuration really :p


I hear ya, I don't think any of us at this point know what the future holds. Our attention was burned out a long while back. Taking things slowly, I just like to plan ahead and was curious to peoples thoughts.


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I'm with DJ on this one. Never hurts to plan ahead, but at the same time I like the idea of bringing the server back to the mainstream again. A Waterworld where people can basically go nuts and do whatever they want, would surely be awesome to witness. Maybe keep it a bit hands-off except for those of us who would go to make sure no one is X-raying, etc. I'd gladly volunteer for that.

Granted, I do have a bit of bias towards WaterWorld. It was my starting point. Getting through the mangled spawn, and making a base that no one found, but was massive in size. Good times to me.

However, our current world could easily become the PVE world, giving players ways of seeing what others have done already, and inspiring them to create as well. I've always been an advocate for creativity, and would love to see some new minds inspired by any and all of our works in-game.


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For now we should just play it safe is what should be done at the end of the day. Move without haste, with determination. That's the only thing I can think about at this exact moment.
Well, I'll write my opinion down too I guess! ;)

I liked the server back in the day and am very happy for a chance to play with some of you again :D #memories.
Got to love the 1.13 update to minecraft.

I am still very much into building and the simple survival stuff. So all speciallitties are extra's! :)




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Just gotta keep it to 1 world, I've logged on a few days in a row now and me and some player named Monkey are the only 2 holding it down ;) If we grow to a bustling population then surely we can think of expanding but the need for a community is pivotal. I'd like Towny up and running with an economy personally but that isn't gonna make or break me playing. I had a blast from 2012 strip mining and listing to ERB so it was already worth my time. If people reeaaally want PvP ( I think most of those willing to come back are very PvE/Building oriented ) then you could make claiming pretty expensive so there is protection but it is difficult to get it/claim large areas.

Regardless of the outcome I have been on purely to see who I can cross paths with. I'm not gonna start any head collections, just play a different game of minecraft I didn't really play the first time around.

Thanks Y'all,
Hey everyone, not sure if you remember me, but I was active here a few years back. I would love to see this server up and running again. Nothing will be quite the same as the good old days, but we can always reminisce. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to get rid of precious stones and replace it with the golden shovel plugin. The PvE towny world we had back then was great; personally I would be excited to see a new world of the same type.

I can't put into words how happy I am that any of this is happening! Even if it doesn't turn out the way we might expect, the chance to reconnect with old friends will be worth it.

(My new IGN, but feel free to call me Fire for old times' sake.)


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If its 2 worlds then a pve server and a pvp( with factions or towny with wars). If its one world probably a towny with pvp. Pve worlds get boring, unless you're trying to cater to the RP players.