1. fffizzz @ fffizzz:
  2. fffizzz @ fffizzz: Fun little sunday funday project, Vacation Cabins on our remove island! /warp islandcabin and go find a place to build, it's a HUGE island, so give enough space between others to let them build out if they want. I'd love to see what each of you guys can come up with!
  3. Swiftflight @ Swiftflight: The main map is resetting? Oh for an update. That's a very fair point. I'm responding to like seven different posts.
  4. fffizzz @ fffizzz: Banker Jenkins is now gone, hold money in your hand and do ' /mh money sell ' to apply it to your balance.
  5. fffizzz @ fffizzz: Small change to how economy functions now. Your old Bank_Balance is now in /bal. Bags of gold in your inventory or chests will not count towards your /balance until you deposit with Banker Jenkins in the /market.
  6. fffizzz @ fffizzz: the end and resource are getting reset
  7. fffizzz @ fffizzz: Notice, I never said one way or the other.. Expanding the map is not a great idea either due to it already being massive.
  8. fffizzz @ fffizzz: no one has said that steven. It is unfortunate that 1.14 introduces a ton and I do mean a ton of terrain changes, new biomes, new structures per biome etc..
  9. steven_saus @ steven_saus: Brozow just said the main world is going to reset? Is this true, or just mining/void?
  10. steven_saus @ steven_saus: Things change, but what was always great about MMC was the community of regulars.
  11. roewaid @ roewaid: Yeah I looked through the forums as well. Also fun to see the difference in the way I used to talk.
  12. fffizzz @ fffizzz: Man, going through a lot of these old posts is fun. I miss the old days!