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  1. yaltar101

    Earliest Memory of MMC?

    I played offline since late alfa and thence followed my little bro (@C_Hawk14) to MMC somewhere around 1.8 beta. joined the town of Markarth and after the official release I started the town of Las Vegas with @lk16 to rival Valhalla. Somewhere on the way I've been promoted to mod, played for...
  2. yaltar101

    Uploading files in a convo

    always has been as im typing 5 out of 13 players online are Dutch or Belgium players;)
  3. yaltar101

    Lets talk Mini Games..

    you forgot the noxcrew gameshow
  4. yaltar101

    Essential signs Or Chestshop which do you prefer?

    there are a lot of pro's to the current plugin i don't know. but what i do know of the chest-shop is that its just as easy to fill in the sign ( using either the item name or the item id) and its just plain easy to see your stock and refill it as its the same as putting items in a chest
  5. yaltar101

    Lets talk Mini Games..

    those games from the noxcrew gameshow where awasome and i believe mostly vanilla
  6. yaltar101

    What Do You Need?

    yeah i do remember that :(
  7. yaltar101

    Time for a good PUB (plugin request)

    Would been fun Then I could play being drunk again [emoji6]
  8. yaltar101

    Gas below two dollar...

    wow 4 dollars? it wasn't that high here
  9. yaltar101


    wow lots of mine shafts on that tiny piece of map
  10. yaltar101

    Gas below two dollar...

    Its cheaper in the Netherlands as your 1.98 dollar is worth 1.65 euro's and the gas here is 1.45 euros which would be 1.74 dollar happy driving :P
  11. yaltar101


    It looks really really good to me I would like a mountain area :D
  12. yaltar101


    he does have a point
  13. yaltar101

    Time for Pestcontrol...

    maybe the mods can place some pressure plates
  14. yaltar101


    I agree that there should be a new map and I'm totally fine by building a new house if I just get to take my stuff with me. And you should make it large biomes or customize it somewhat the same because the players where traveling because of that in the current map. PS. To make the spawn close...
  15. yaltar101

    The Map

    Slums have a village covered bij its surrounding land and northpass has an quite obvious edge with the forrest
  16. yaltar101

    The Map

    If its just for plain glass you can still use it [emoji6]
  17. yaltar101

    The Map

    I do like the map with its bigger and better trees, more exiting biomes such as those extreme hills and very dense forests, and a good distribution of water and land and the custom made towns are really cool but you do have to make them blend more into the land. it is now really obvious that you...
  18. yaltar101

    Merry Cristmas!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  19. yaltar101

    Lag/Skipping Problems.

    this problem predates the overtake by microsoft :P