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  1. ynefpavlov

    Hafoldir, an old city of MMC

    Heya guys, I'd promised myself to finish a project for once, so since the closing of MMC, some years back, I downloaded the world and worked on my town. Now its getting somewhere, and I thought to give you guys a look at it :) Some might remember the early stages of the project on the...
  2. ynefpavlov

    Direction of server, what worlds/types would you personally like?

    Personally I'm not into the fighting stuff, I prefer building and working on stories in a more roleplay like environment. A plain PvE world would suffice for me. Not having a way to protect land and chests is a fun way and adds a threat to the peaceful world. It makes you think of secret doors...
  3. ynefpavlov

    See you later!

    :O Vase! Y is u leaving me! :0000 Imma miss you man! Come back some time soon! Like am onth or so? :P
  4. ynefpavlov

    Feedback Time (again)!

    I myself would say if we get a new map, we could get this map as a crative world for people to finish their large builds? But in my opinion we can wait a while longer before resetting or anything, Im still enjoying this map :D
  5. ynefpavlov

    Feedback Time (again)!

    You are thinking the same shit Im thinking Roe! All cities wouldn't necessarily have to be mythical or such, a normal 'human'city like SuperCity could get its place too And Heste, you are right about th free playing style maybe. I was thinking we start off with a setting and players can fill...
  6. ynefpavlov

    Feedback Time (again)!

    Agree with Roe. PS is great in what it does, but with a small playerbase we have, it doesn't add anything to the cohesion we should form to let players stick around. As for the vanilla 'you have every item you wish within a month', I think it will be hard to change that a lot. Therefore...
  7. ynefpavlov

    Feedback Time (again)!

    I have to agree with Fdrandel on the point that it gets boring once everyone is settled. There is a lack of surprises, adventures, unknowns.. However many people get angry with being killed etc, it adds excitement. Maybe there should be a way to crack someones base, so people will keep working...
  8. ynefpavlov


    Me likes :D
  9. ynefpavlov

    Rei's Minimap

    I'm using a minimap. VoxelMap or Zan's minimap, whatever you wish to call it. There is no official release for that either yet, but there is a version that only works on LiteLoader, a way to load mods to your minecraft. If you google on that, you should be able to get it and the minimap ;)
  10. ynefpavlov

    Earliest Memory of MMC?

    My first memory of this server was wandering aimlessly in the large world, with nobody near. It was just a week before some reset and there were few players online. I came with Roewaid, Mentyson, Dylanhebuilder, Julio369 and some others to this server when our old one closed.. We settled on a...
  11. ynefpavlov

    Small permissions change

    Is tnt completely disabled now? Is there any chance of getting it back for some rank? I would love to be able to use my Creeper Spawner I donated for :P
  12. ynefpavlov

    Open Beta Testing of a New Plugin

    I think the craftingbook is fine and some harmless new recipes would be cool, but I agree with Roewaid that mcMMO already gives advantages for certain skills. Also @Tercept, I commented before experiencing the plugin myself. That was wrong of me and I should take some time using it... I'm sorry...
  13. ynefpavlov


    Have a good time Ifrit!
  14. ynefpavlov

    Open Beta Testing of a New Plugin

    Am I going to be the first to say I don't like it? xD I thought the server was trying to aim for a more vanilla feel. This however makes crafting a lot less labour intensive or however I should call it. The idea of moving adminshops to a far-away town was to get people to actually play the...
  15. ynefpavlov

    Weekly newsletter?

    Fffizzz and me were talking about it. The point with these newsletters is that either Fffizzz or Tercept has to send it, they are the only ones with access to email database. I'm not an expert on HTML, but we found a template that we can use. I wrote some small articles about the recent changes...
  16. ynefpavlov

    Weekly newsletter?

    Oh great you reply Xander, this reminds us we should actually make the newsletter lol. I was working on something a week ago haha
  17. ynefpavlov

    I don't suppose the old map is available to download for offline play?

    Yeah thats what I meant Roe! That map was really nice
  18. ynefpavlov

    I don't suppose the old map is available to download for offline play?

    I would like to see my town again and use it in a single player world, Could you put it up for download or something?
  19. ynefpavlov

    Lets talk Mini Games..

    I made a map for a PvP'ish theme in last creative world. I remember Fffizzz copied it to some other world but somehow the plugs were pulled out of that idea :P It should still be somewhere I hope!
  20. ynefpavlov

    Uploading files in a convo

    Uhoh belgians taking over the place xD There is relatively a large group of Dutch speaking players around on the server man!