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    I finally found it

    That's sexy.
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    Introducing MMC Feed The Beast "Mindcrack"

    Application for White Listing: Name: Pascal Spiegler IGN (In Game Name): pascalduderocks Age: 15 Months on Server: like 14-16 Vouches: laserlightning, urcool1000, Tori123987, techguy948, xWhelchel, MrJaffaCakes13. What is your experience with Tekkit/Feed the Beast? Played it once. What do you...
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    YouTube Harlem Shake

    Alright, it will most likely be at 1pm EST, this sunday. The warp is going to be /warp Harlem Feel free if you guys want to add things that will be in the background of the video, but keep it appropriate!
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    Screenshot Contest Voting!

    I want t I want to change my vote to my 2nd entry but it won't let me :O
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    Background Contest

    So... Who won?
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    Nice knowing you guys <3

    I don't mean to bother you, but can I at least get back the town zingas that were in my bank? I had 42k
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    Nice knowing you guys <3

    So, New Ore Land will stay in ruins? And thanks Tercept, this weekend I would love to join Korriban.
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    Nice knowing you guys <3

    Tercept I changed my mind. Please claim the town, I'll repay you for the costs later. :/
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    Nice knowing you guys <3

    I love you guys, I really do. Just saying I'm not going to be as active anymore since my town was deleted. I'm probably just going to join Korriban and go on occasionally. Not like It will make a difference. The world keeps spinning and after awhile I'll probably be forgotten. I won't be...
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    Background Contest

    Please add that in, sorry it was late. :/
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    Background Contest
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    Pascal's Nuts

    I actually think someone hates my guts. Lol :p
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    Pascal's Nuts

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    Trying to donate...

    I've always wanted to donate to this server, but I don't own a credit card or bank account. (I'm 15) I have a Paypal account, but no credit card or account to link to it... I know that they sell VISA cards, but I live in Canada, and have never seen any at my local Pharmaprix (Canadian store...
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    Thanks Asddsa76. That brings back some memories. :)
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    Happy new year!

    Happy new year!
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    Most of you already know me, but the website suggests that I "introduce myself" My name is Pascal, I'm 15 years old. I own New_Ore_Land, and am pretty proud that it already has around 90 residents. I love this server, and have been on since late 2010. Back in 1.2, I owned a town named Gilead...