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  1. hammer7869

    Microsoft to buy Minecraft

    For a lot of money.
  2. hammer7869

    Opening Screen Hugs

    I thought this was fitting for Erebus Anima. I had to screenshot it and post it.
  3. hammer7869

    Wild Spawn Points

    I can see a potential problem for spawn camping/killing in the wild. Someone camps at /spawn. Waits and watches someone to go through a portal. Follow that player through the same portal and then kills them. That pvper goes back to /spawn and waits again. Follows another person through the...
  4. hammer7869

    Most Awesome Minecraft Video Thread

    Post your favorite, funniest, or most awesome Minecraft video. I dare you to beat this one.
  5. hammer7869

    What kind of Minecrafter are you?

    I'm pretty sure I'm a miner. Http://