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  1. roewaid

    Mmc threads

    So you guys told is there will be quests soon. But I was at spawn 2 days ago and saw the npc named stranger. I talked to him and he gave me a objective to go to the girl with the chickens. When I did go there there wasn't any follow up. Did I do something wrong or isn't there anything to do yet?
  2. roewaid


    so great leaders of MMC there is to much lag. I dont know if it is just because of 1.8 or because of the mod witht he new stuff (I think that is it). but way to much people cant play and stop playing because of it. even hardcore players like kobra and Ice. we cant have this ofcourse and so I ask...
  3. roewaid

    Firebay Arena

    The FireBay arena is now opened! The Arena is under the bar at the Marketplace. That is the building with the sword on the roof. We will have a tournament every week! There will be different kinds of tournaments. Here is a list: Normal 1 vs 1 Tournament - The tournament has 8 fighters in...
  4. roewaid

    Music thread

    I couldnt find the old one so made a new one. I want to start with a dark horse of Kary Perry. This because of the input of a Ghast at the beginning of the song. Also I kind of like it :whistle:
  5. roewaid

    remove the giant zombies

    Heey guys, I vote for removing the giant zombies. In my opinion they dont add anything to the game and are just anoying. I know of some people that get a lot of lag from them and my MC even crashed 2 times today. while that never happens.
  6. roewaid

    expanding town

    Hi guys, I wanted to expand my town Palmetto with extra town blocks. but then I got the message: the field has sub-fields inside of it thus cannot be redifined. so I cant expand town as long as there are plots in town. this sounds a bit strange to me. does anyone know if it is possible to...
  7. roewaid

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Eey everybody, I ofcourse dont want the server to be empty this weekend but for the people who are interested you can play the beta of ESO this weekend. Just go to and ggrab your betakey for this weekend.
  8. roewaid

    Shop system

    Hi guys, I suggest changing the shop system to the server. now we got a trade channel but no one is joining or using it and we got sign shops. On a old server i played on had a shop system where you just did /sell or /buy (the amount) (the price). with a kind of block in your hand and then...
  9. roewaid

    town making with PS

    Hi guys, I started a town with a Dia block. I set the area but it isnt near what I would like. I heard something like making it bigger with more money or a extra block. I also would like to know how to change the name and other usefull comments. does anybody know and tell me. or does someone...
  10. roewaid

    Trading channel

    Heey Guys and Gals, I just wanted to say Everybody join the trade channel so we can make trading easier. The text is purple so it will stand out and you will know it is about trading. You can ask for selling and for buying on the channel ofcourse. you can join the channel by doing /ch tra. if...
  11. roewaid

    Extreme weather

    I know there are a lot of people from the US on here. How are you guys dealing with the weather? I hear that it is like 30 Celsius under 0 an feels like -50. Here in the Netherlands it is +12 that is warm for this time of the year
  12. roewaid


    Happy new year peepz. This may seem a bit early but here in the Netherlands it is already 2014 for an hour See you online in 2014
  13. roewaid

    minomonsters for Iphone

    Hello everybody, I wondered if there was anyone who plays minomonsters on his/hers Iphone. the people who play ofcourse know that you need 5 friends to open your monsterbox. My friendcode is: A305DE8IAFEB6841 So if you play pls help me to open my monsterbox and post your friendcode here so I...
  14. roewaid

    Old towns

    I found a pic of my old town on my last server and thought it may be nice to show it. also when you guys have nice pics of old towns with nice memorys please post them. The town was called Camelot. most of the buildings were made by Silverfisher45 and Jeronimo93 who are in Kingslanding now.
  15. roewaid

    Server wide Highway

    because of the people starting shop in the sea infront of spawn I thought it may be nice to make a highway between all big town on the server. I think it looks ugly the shop in the sea and it is not good for economics because everybody will only go there. In my last server we also had the...
  16. roewaid

    Kingslanding Boxing Arena

    Kingslanding Boxing Arena in Kingslanding we made a Boxing arena. here we will have boxing tournaments with 8 fighters. to fight in the tournament you pay 50 zinga. the fights are till dead and the winner goes to the next round. we will announce tournaments in general chat. the chat for the...