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  1. ynefpavlov

    Hafoldir, an old city of MMC

    Heya guys, I'd promised myself to finish a project for once, so since the closing of MMC, some years back, I downloaded the world and worked on my town. Now its getting somewhere, and I thought to give you guys a look at it :) Some might remember the early stages of the project on the...
  2. ynefpavlov

    Re-enabling Brewery!

    I thought a poll might clear up what everyone thinks of the Brewery plugin and if it should be added back in. There is 2 options with some arguments. Please leave a comment with what argument you based your decision on. These are some arguments I could think of. There for sure are more I guess...
  3. ynefpavlov

    Brewery Guide!

    -Brewery Guide- Hello there guys! I think I fell in love with this new plugin on the server. It lets you brew alcoholic drinks! Now there doesn't seem to be a decent guide, so I thought lets make one right now. Lego and me discovered quite some recipes already, but not everything yet, so I hope...
  4. ynefpavlov

    Nether Travel. A basic guide

    Nether Travel A basic guide Hello everyone, the reason of this writing is the new map we now have. Within days all people will have settled and we will want to travel across the world. My idea is to decide and discuss on some basic principles for easy navigating and travel. The nether is 8...
  5. ynefpavlov

    Geography of the World

    Geography of the World After many studies of the landscape and their inhabitants, this map was composed by mapmaker Ynef. This map covers the entire area known as Fallorath and some lands around that. Fallorath Fallorath is a kingdom ruled by King Ronald VII, whose throne and government are...
  6. ynefpavlov


    Long, long ago, when not even the first of the currently known towns was established, a city flourished on the fertile plains in the far south-west; Fallorath. The Fallorathian people were a good and thriving people, widely known. Traders came from afar to sell their precious goods in the city...
  7. ynefpavlov

    Mountain City of Armàrath

    Mountain City of Armàrath As several matters of global concern have made the magnificent city of Armàrath as a name well-known to the world. It pains the City Council that oft rumours of unjust nature come to the ears of our beloved citizens, as word of mouth is easily twisted. Therefore, with...
  8. ynefpavlov

    The Coalition

    Dear Xoloz of Castle Eisenwulf By this writing the Mountain City of Armàrath means to inform the world of our diplomatic stance in the world. Armàrath hereby proudly informs the world of their requested allegiance to the mighty Xoloz of Castle Eisenwulf. We cannot more than hope and pray for...
  9. ynefpavlov

    MyMinecraft Reddit

    Hey guys I stumbled upon a Subreddit of our server I think. Now I'm pretty new to Reddit and don't understand much of how it works etc (my experience is limited to one picture that got deleted for advertising lol) . So what can we do with it? Will other random people see stuff posted there? Can...
  10. ynefpavlov

    Mountain climbing near Spawn

    Hey guys I was wondering if the mountain at spawn can be climbed all the way to the top without flying. This is how far I got: So how far do YOU get?
  11. ynefpavlov

    City plots block change?

    Hello guys, I was making a little hotel today with the idea to put the rooms up for rent. Now this works great with precious stones, but the choice of city plot block, quartz ore, is kind of sad. To put up a plot for rent, one needs to put a sign on the quartz ore block. This sign will show...
  12. ynefpavlov

    Voting for Myminecraft

    Hey guys,, Our player base is slowly dwindling and I thought it would be great to get some more people on the server. Therefore we should be high in the server lists and this can easily be achieved by voting daily for the server on several websites. Especially the 5th link in the little box...
  13. ynefpavlov

    Video MMC towny server 2013

    Hey I thought it would be cool to have a video with all towns and any other major/nice/cool builds in it for the archives of the MMC server. It will be a lasting memory to our towns and builds! And it would be cool to see it later when our memories have faded and we have forgotten what we had...