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  1. Swiftflight

    Hey, Searching for Previous Server Worlds!

    Hello One Hello All! It is I, Swiftflight. I will keep this plain and simple: DO YOU HAVE WORLD FILES FROM PREVIOUS MMC'S? I'm looking at ALL of you! Any and all world file will do. ~Swift
  2. Swiftflight

    Thank you.

    This post isn't supposed to be long... nor is it supposed to be short... But I would like to say that MMC was and will always be my home. It and all of you taught me how to use the internet and how to interact with those on it. Before I was just a snot nosed little shit with no idea what a forum...
  3. Swiftflight

    Forgot about this...

    I'm here to deliberately not eat a potato...
  4. Swiftflight

    Swift's New Desktop PC!

    So, I shall be constructing a mighty beauty for roughly 350 bucks not including the operating system. What should be included in it is: AMD A6-7400K: Asus A78M-E: 8GB G.SKILL 1866MHz RAM: 1TB Western Digital Blue Hard Drive...
  5. Swiftflight

    A horrendous announcement

    So I will not be able to hop on the server like I was planning on this weekend because my house was broken into, my laptop was stolen, and other items of value. So I am not sure when it will be replaced but this is an unfortunate event that has occurred. ~Ross
  6. Swiftflight

    Norsepass of the Northpass

    It is back, this has all returned. The beginning of the return of this world to one of trade. HUZZAH for NORSEPASS! the capital of my empire!
  7. Swiftflight

    Gas below two dollar...

    End of the freaking world! 1.98 USD give or take in Metro Minnesota... end of the world!
  8. Swiftflight

    Happy Christmas & Speculations

    Happy Christmas to all, been a wonderful 2014. I was wondering if we could entertain some ideas to the setting and plot of the undoubtable next game in the Bioshock franchise? I think it will have to do with space, like the syfy miniseries Ascension.
  9. Swiftflight

    Favourite game.

    What's your favorite game/game series ever, and what's your favorite of 2014? My favorite game series ever would have to be bio shock. My favorite of 2014 would be Wolfenstein: the new order.
  10. Swiftflight

    Happy Late Birthday Tercept!

    Sorry I'm late bro, but I hope your year was filled with fun. I'm sure it's one of the best years of your life! I formally congratulate you on your marriage buddy! Have a good holiday season. Love ya man, thank you for all you do. @Tercept
  11. Swiftflight

    The memories.

    Remember the memories. @SuperZachlee3000
  12. Swiftflight

    I have starred into everything...

    Interstellar... blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhh I cry... The feels. I intend to write a review. 40/60 on wether I do it or not. But man...
  13. Swiftflight


    You can call me Swift, and I'm known as Swiftflight. I was once a 'moderateur' here at MMCCWWAMTG for a little over half a year, I have been on this server for almost a year and a half. I am usually into hanging out with ma broskies such as @TheWolfsHeart and @flamingninja09. I am sometimes...
  14. Swiftflight

    Great if... Only...

    Is it strange for one to want to take over a map? Cause when the reset came... I felt like that... Conquering over half the map and establishing an empire? It would be fun... It really would... but it would be hard... because it's a computer game... with other people who have the same abilities...
  15. Swiftflight

    Computer Screen Broke -Out of commission for a week or two-

    Sad... SAD... SAD...
  16. Swiftflight

    Hostile Mobs

    They are spawning in the middle of the day... and killing me with two hits... I don't like this... I was wondering if this was supposed to happen... cause... y'know... shouldn't... -.-
  17. Swiftflight

    Riverside Bridge

    I made one... cause I guess we needed one... I also cleaned up the griefed villiage on the other side of it. Made it mine...
  18. Swiftflight

    New Kalopsian Conglomeration

    Welcome friends, We will be starting off into a new world soon, a world which needs stability, a place to adventure and to build, to laugh, to enjoy ones time. This past world which the Taurostenian Empire, and the punitive Coalition tore up with their feeble attempts to bring order by conquest...
  19. Swiftflight

    I cannot connect to the server.

    I unplugged my modem thinking that was the problem. I also tried both of the i.p. I have. @fffizzz
  20. Swiftflight

    Scottish Referendum

    We are all open-minded here, let's have a discussion perhaps?