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  1. _Ifrit_


    Just letting everyone know i wont be online for a week or so as i am taking a break from minecraft
  2. _Ifrit_

    Mods the good the bad and the amazingly fun in small doses

    I would like to suggest something i think a lot of you may or may not agree with. I have thought about it for a long time now and i think im ready to present the idea to all of you. Mods Why? Because i believe the server needs something new and should add things to the game mojang may never...
  3. _Ifrit_

    Stickypistons not working

    sticky pistons not working properly i have a 1x2 sp door wired up to open and close and it will open but not close
  4. _Ifrit_

    Important poll

    So i was thinking just add the builds in later
  5. _Ifrit_

    Server down?

    im getting failed to connect to the server Error occurred while contacting login servers, are they down? i also see 2 people online
  6. _Ifrit_

    Deep Forge returns

    Yup you guys read it correctly and im sure those of you who have lived there before will be somewhat excited :p i have been thinking about it a while now and im bringing it back however it wont be as colossal as before it will be relevant to the player base on the server so as of right now there...
  7. _Ifrit_

    Nobody panic

    Yes its true i haven't been on lately i have been really busy with other hobby's and other stuff but fear not i plan on playing sometime soon i hope you all didn't panic to much ;)
  8. _Ifrit_

    Where did all the players go?

    so i couldn't help but notice that 30 players on at a time is no longer a thing.. what happened?
  9. _Ifrit_

    Shop idea

    I was talking with boosted about an idea to set up a shop in towns to people dont have to travel 10k blocks to the nearest shop. heres what i was thinking you place a certain block and an npc will appear where you can buy/sell things how this should work- you will have to build a 3x3 room and...
  10. _Ifrit_

    Minecraft lag

    ive been running into lots of lag randomly and the game just boots me out of my client is anyone else having this same issue?
  11. _Ifrit_

    ETA on reset?

    hey was just curious about when the reset was planned and other details like planned size of the new map and whatnot as i wont be back online until the reset is done and over with (because of set home and inv loss) will those with trusted rank retain the rank? and also i have a suggestion to...
  12. _Ifrit_

    died and re spawned in prison?

    hey so yah i died and re spawned in a jailcell? could i get some help? :(
  13. _Ifrit_

    Mob Arena!

    Hey, So i had a idea that i thought may attract new players... mob arena! but not just any ordinary mob arena a mob arena that sports new and exotic monsters not found on the survival server (so mobs from modpacks and whatnot) i imagine the mob arena to be like an endless wave mode where you...
  14. _Ifrit_

    Some 1.8 crafting items not working

    Heyy Some other players and i have gone through the crafting options for 1.8 and discovered a few of them arent working and some features arent working properly yet -Banners -ArmorStands -Rabbits arent showing up (or we haven't found any yet) -underwater temples (possibly haven't found any yet)...
  15. _Ifrit_

    Recipe Thread epic quality food only

    Hey guys, i said i would post this recipe post some other epic food stuff if youd like :) Potato soup: you will need a blender (a good one) 6 potatoes 1 large pot 1 bayleaf 1 large onion 2 garlic (cloves?) not the entire garlic plant lol you know what i mean 1 large ham steak salt pepper 1 full...
  16. _Ifrit_

    Cant reset homes?

    (repost from donator forums sorry D: ) Hey i have a little issue with sethome i try to reset one my three home but it wont let me example: found epic place to build (again) /sethome home2 (you cannot set more than 3 homes) wat? mfw i have 4 homes set mfw i cant reset my homes plz help :p
  17. _Ifrit_

    Towny Server reset?

    Hey guys i just caught wind of towny being removed and i have to say im kind of bummed out..BUT i think this is a great opportunity to reset the map since 1.7 is going to change the entire biome system and lets face it large scale towns without towny are going to be kind of dumb to manage and...
  18. _Ifrit_

    Special blocks that change the weather in an arera

    we should make special blocks that change the weather available to buy in the admin shop or doner shop (example: a block that will make the biome snow rather than rain for 100 blocks in every direction from where ever the block is placed)
  19. _Ifrit_

    Lava placement perms for doners or higher ranking players?

    players that are trusted and have been here for a long time should be allowed to place lava along with doners or maybe only be allowed to place so much lava per day i know its a sketchy topic because lava can be used to grief and kill in pvp but the perms could be easily taken away from players...
  20. _Ifrit_

    Logged in was in bad lands lost all my invintory

    today i logged in for the first time in a little while was in the new badlands spawn when i /home i didnt have anything in my inventory and when i logged out previously it was full of building materials that ranged from quartz blocks to chizzled stone brick and other various things plus a...