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  1. Hrad

    I Miss My Heads & New Horse Evaluating Area Near Spawn!

    Hey guys first of all i wanna share a few pics of my heads before reset but before that i wanna say i have made a horse evaluating area near spawn at the coordinates of: X:1154 Y:70 Z:667. So go there with your horse and check out your horses stats so yeah now for my heads. :(
  2. Hrad

    What's going on???

    Ok I'm sorry but I haven't played in a while and I was checking the wiki "meet the mods" and I have 3 questions 1) are the trial mods the trusted people? 2) Why isn't bluechops mod? 3) why is icecosmicuprise a trial mod( I don't mean this in a mean way). And I don't know if this is appropriate...
  3. Hrad

    Youtube Videos

    Umm i was talking with Hammer and he told me to update a thread about youtube videos and i think we should have a thread where everyone posts there youtube videos here so Mods can watch them because a while ago i remember there was a thread that said if u keep posting videos of the server on...