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    Allowing PVP and stealing to a degree. (Read the post in full first).

    So, as it currently stands on the server, PVP is disabled outside of certain world guard regions, and stealing seems to be against the rules all across the board. While I don't like hardcore PVP faction servers, I think we should maybe revise some of these rules. For instance, chests can...
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    Yo we need a better way to pose armor stands

    So I've messed with the armor stand plugin on the server, and it's like.....okay I guess, but it's pretty annoying to work with. Posing is kind of a nightmare and for some dumb ass reason you can't move the right hand????? I just don't think it's a very good plugin. What I think we should do is...
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    The Holy Shrine of Nardo

    You must bow to Nardo, the one true god, or otherwise spend an eternity burning in the realm of Odran. THERE IS STILL TIME. CONFESS YOUR SINS AND YOU WILL BE SAVED BY SHARKEISHA, the holy Messiah.
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    Nardo, the Undefeated SkelePig

    Bow down to the undefeatable SkelePig, Nardo, the only true god. Or forever suffer his merciless and endless wrath...
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    What Do You Need?

    I bet a lot of the mods and admins feel this way
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    Selfies on the Spawn Hotel

    Check me out, I'm such a daredevil
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    The Mountain Town of Mindor Heights

    Up North, about 1 km North of Northpass, lies Mindor Heights, or just Mindor. Mindor is currently a small town I own that’s settled on the peak of a mountain near the border of the world’s arctic. Expansion to other mountain peaks is planned, but due to lack of members, it will have to be put to...
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    Impressive Revival

    So I just came back on here after what seemed like a year. And you know? I thought the server was falling apart, so I just didn't come back, but after taking a look at what this server is now, I have to say, it's definitely taken a turn for the best, the beautiful world design (I assume BingBong...
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    Dinnerbone and Grumm are the names of the two adult horses. What did you THINK this thread was about?....Sickos
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    Using Dynamic Lights Mod on the Server

    I have a mod installed on my client that allows me to have a portable light source, as in I can hold a torch, and it will make light around me, it'll also do it with jack'o'lanterns, glowstone, etc. I wanted to make sure that it's allowed on the server. Note, it only gives me light if I'm...
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    Great world editor/maker

    A while ago, I found this awesome tool for making and editing minecraft worlds, it allows you to make very natural looking terrains in minecraft, you can also choose where you want biomes to be, the amount of materials in the world, etc. I suggest you all take a look at it and maybe use it for...
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    Jolly Roger Bay

    My painting can take me to Jolly Roger Bay. What can yours do?
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    What is This I Don't Even...

    So I was messing around with the night skybox that dokucraft uses to make a custom background when it becomes nighttime, and this was the result...
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    Adventure map: Leveled: What Happened to Your Village?

    I've been working on an Adventure map for minecraft for a while now, thought I'd post a link up here so you guys can take a look at it, I have a lot more in it, these are just a few screenshots.
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    No monsters spawning

    I've been walking around in pve, and nearly no monsters are spawning, I walked for about 2 km and found only 1 zombie along the way.