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  1. Ath

    Atherion Mod Application

    Is it too late for me to apply? Icecosmicuprise and LAForsman have vouched for me and supported me in applying here. Dead ass tho bring back mmc. Fuck ISS.
  2. Ath

    Precious Stones Books

    @Tercept The two books.
  3. Ath

    Precious Stones Snitches and Grief Reverts Tutorial

    Even though Tercept made a few videos, they didnt help me much so I thought id make one to help anyone that might have also been confused.
  4. Ath

    When did you get your MC accont?

    If you login on the mojang website, you can see it. Didnt know mine was from 2010 ,_,
  5. Ath


    Anyone going this year? If so let me know. Would love to meet fellow mmc members!
  6. Ath

    Congrats to Austin and Me!

    So me and Austin were told while we were on FTB. :) @Austin Powers