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  1. Osric_Orcblood

    Encourage combat outside of city borders

    I've noticed combat (if not all) is usually occuring within city limits or borders, it's not fun for the players being camped 24/7 to where the time they have to play they can't expand their town. Can we all come to a conclusion or some type of solution to maybe encourage actual "Battles" to...
  2. Osric_Orcblood

    Please fix this

    You're able to see ban appeals from the new replies section on the forums. No, you can't see the actual appeal unless you're a mod+ but it still takes up reply space and removes a spot for normal members to communicate with. I know, it makes it easier for mods to be like "Oh hey, a new ban...
  3. Osric_Orcblood

    Halo 4

    I just recently rebought my xbox live gold - my first two matches went as follows 48 - 3 50 - 1 I think I'm doing pretty well . Big Team Slayer btw.
  4. Osric_Orcblood

    Congrats to this guy

    @bluechops He finally got his life dream, vetmod.
  5. Osric_Orcblood

    pls fix This annoys me.
  6. Osric_Orcblood


    I'm going to be completely honest here, to the full extent possible without trolling even though it's my primary goal in almost everything over the e-net. I joined MMC after Tercept sometime in March of 2011, on my very first day I should of been banned but Deadkill02 misspelled my name and I...
  7. Osric_Orcblood

    Resolved Fix the double "Home" tab

    It's really annoying me.
  8. Osric_Orcblood

    DayZ Event

    On the DayZ server I co-own we had an event where a convoy of a humvee and a ural would head down the coastal highway in hopes of making a full round. These are the players and the groups I am involved with on there and how well we cooperate with one another in the heat of virtual battle.
  9. Osric_Orcblood

    It's been a gentle day.

  10. Osric_Orcblood

    I think this should be unlocked It was wrongly locked, it was an open free discussion on how the server could improve - if the man wanted to state his opinion and point let him, it's a suggestion thread overall. Why be so tyrannical over a thread made to better the...
  11. Osric_Orcblood

    Play PSN with Tercept and I!

    Contact Tercept via Steam for PSN accounts! We play GTA:V (Sorry no one under 17 is able to get GTA.. right?) I have "The Last of Us" and I'll probably be switching in between both of those constantly :D
  12. Osric_Orcblood

    Give me a texture pack? :D

    I need a new texture pack, been playing on default since the beginning... >_>
  13. Osric_Orcblood

    Payday 2 Full Stealth Heist,2irpTpr,Pr0ayE8,mesQJiL,BvyimLF#0 The following images may contain mature images. The average bank heist goes wrong, my team I successfully stealth robbed one, then killed and bagged every corpse and took it with all the money.
  14. Osric_Orcblood

    Horse Door

  15. Osric_Orcblood


    Hi I'm ossy/ozzy/Osric and I'm new.
  16. Osric_Orcblood

    Just me and Big Brother

  17. Osric_Orcblood

    Osric and Shiloh Challenge

    30 Hearts - Shiloh and I sing in a duet. Over 45 hearts, Deadkill will talk before the performance.
  18. Osric_Orcblood

    Osric's Challenge

    If this post receives 15 "Friendly" Hearts I'll sing Rihanna in TeamSpeak. -Edit -Challenge ends tomorrow 5/6/2013
  19. Osric_Orcblood

    why im gone

    Yup that sexy graphics card.. now for my new power supply