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  1. Mikemer456

    The possibilities are worth mentioning.

    I would say having a not so resource-intensive modpack is worth trying at this point.
  2. Mikemer456

    Hello Everyone (New Server)

    My mannn. Carrying on the torch. ^-^
  3. Mikemer456

    MMC Nostalgia Thread

    I'm gonna boot up my old computer thats been shutdown since last May. I'll see what I can pull up in a few days.
  4. Mikemer456

    MMC Nostalgia Thread

    This was a base we made in a factions world we had almost exactly 2 years ago. And this... I bet there is only one person on this thread that might know where this photo came from.
  5. Mikemer456

    Feedback Time (again)!

    Thermal Expansion and IC 2 would be a good start.
  6. Mikemer456

    Earliest Memory of MMC?

    Mine was probably wandering away from spawn town and finding Camelot and purchasing a plot. Late 2011. My only source of income was chopping wood for satanicnite. lol
  7. Mikemer456

    Open Beta Testing of a New Plugin

    Nice. I love the idea, its a lot like NEI (Not enough items). Very good addition.
  8. Mikemer456

    Re-enabling Brewery!

    Hmm, I'm to lazy to read. BUT, if Tercept can't make a longer post than this then I think ynef wins and the plugin should be put back in :D
  9. Mikemer456

    what did you think of the tree spawn in the last map?

    I had made a good tutorial on claiming with P Stones at last spawn. You guys should have it somewhere.
  10. Mikemer456

    what did you think of the tree spawn in the last map?

    I always thought town spawns were the best out there. Which is why I attempted one last spawn. But yeah, my favorite spawn by far was the one back in 1.8 beta. It just looked like a lot of effort was put into it rather doing world edit for a day. That being said, I would put in a vote for...
  11. Mikemer456


    I was working on a preset that was a little more towards default but some of the most notable changes are where there are hill variations in the biomes. Take a look.,vfGaVoH,rALMdO6,i3gLCzn,Oox64fV,StV6W12#0
  12. Mikemer456


    Can a mod just delete the irrelevant posts? lol
  13. Mikemer456


    Personally I wouldn't mind you building spawn but I would also really like trusted players to make buildings too at spawn. I think if we do let them build some of spawn it will end of being better over time instead of looking the same all the way to the next reset. Just an idea.
  14. Mikemer456


    Not sure exactly what you were looking for but just to start things off I'll link you this preset. Its pretty well balanced in my opinion and it isn't like amplified. Make a single player world and just use that preset. You may or may not...
  15. Mikemer456


    Not saying I would rejoin on a regular basis again but I'm just giving my input on this. I think that a new map would be for the better. But... (god my suggestions aren't even taken into consideration 95% of the time) I would suggest some kind of a map preset when generating the world. Now I'm...
  16. Mikemer456

    Outposts and all this other Teleportation stuff.

    I agree with Blue's post in that there needs to be a balance between cool down and cost. Perhaps a 5 minute cool down + $50?
  17. Mikemer456

    List of all ranks available for purchase with IGM

    correction - *wrong* Not even a quarter of the resources in fdr's post showed are reasonable. Get it right and cut the sarcasm.
  18. Mikemer456

    Faces of MyMinecraft

    OMG ITS TOM CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whens dat mission possible 5 comin out doe
  19. Mikemer456

    trikster town

    Welp. I'll be in a colony on Mars by then so I'll just have to miss out on the final product. :(