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  1. Mikemer456

    Random Redstone.

    If you have some kind of redstone build that you feel proud of feel free to post it here and explain what it does. :eek:
  2. Mikemer456

    Food problem?

    I'm not sure if its just me or what but I've been going through food so quickly for some time now. Take this for example - I eat golden carrots (better than steak/pork) and I normally eat as soon as possible, like when I'm down half a hunger point. And after I eat that I can only sprint and jump...
  3. Mikemer456

    Town Plot Tutorial (PS)

    Okay so apparently there has been issues with the town plot PS in regards of being able to sell it out to players. Many are not sure how to add a sign to link it up with town plot. I will show you how to link it up and this method shows you how to rent out the plot rather than to buy. The...
  4. Mikemer456

    Implemented Dollars vs Zingas

    I will no longer tolerate this satanic money you call "dollars". This will be a petition to bring it back to the good old NAME to money we once loved and cherished. VOTE FOR ZINGAS. POLE CLOSES IN 3 DAYS.
  5. Mikemer456

    Resolved Chat issue.

    I can't for some reason send a message at all on the server. I have perms for everything else like normal. It just sends me this - "Cannot send chat message."
  6. Mikemer456

    Admin Shop

    I believe the Admin Shop needs some rethinking in the way of what items to buy and for how much. I remember how it was said the new server would have an Admin Shop based economy. Well that is becoming more and more false just because the items we rely heavily on to keep up with towny prices, is...
  7. Mikemer456

    PvP World Reset Map

    We all know its about time for a reset on the PvP world, maybe with MCMMO. But I found a seed that I think would be perfect for an island spawn. The spawn island could be grief protected but a small portion of it could be a no-pvp zone for where you spawn. This is to ensure the spawn island...
  8. Mikemer456

    Optifine with Rei's Minimap

    If you want a jar file with the latest versions of Optifine and Rei's Minimap mods then you can download this from the link provided. MINECRAFT 1.5.2 - Simply replace your current minecraft.jar with this one and you will have both mods. Just make sure...
  9. Mikemer456

    Teleporting to others

    Perhaps we could add a new thing that allows you to tp to someone with their permission? I saw this on the Feed the Beast server and I really liked it. We could allow this to Barons and Chancellors and to donators to encourage donating to this server. This would definitely have to be blocked...
  10. Mikemer456

    PvP world

    It hasn't been hard to notice that barely any mobs spawn in the PvP world. On a normal night there is a max of maybe 10 spawns, which is incredibly low. I was wondering if there is a solution for this problem. fffizzz Gerrit8500 Howard_Roark
  11. Mikemer456


    It has been sad not being able to use TNT in the PvP world. TNT should always be included in when it comes to wars in minecraft. Please allow TNT placement in this world but keep block damage off ofcourse. It's just kinda of weird how PvE gets it but not PvP. :) Gerrit8500 Howard_Roark