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  1. dickbrown

    I Knew It

  2. dickbrown

    strange stuff in chat

    i got it now....the minecraft servers kept timming it fixed....just thought i should let you know
  3. dickbrown

    strange stuff in chat

    i have no idea after that i lost connection...and cant get back on any help would be good
  4. dickbrown

    Quick Contest - Find me the best monitor under 250-300 This is the monitor I have....its pretty good just check them out
  5. dickbrown

    Quick Contest - Find me the best monitor under 250-300

    That's who I got all of my internals for my costom build
  6. dickbrown

    Quick Contest - Find me the best monitor under 250-300

    Just check out frys they always have awesome deals on PC stuff
  7. dickbrown

    weird glitching stuff

    It is a bug when you change it in game it tries to re render the chunks you have already loaded...a simple restart should fix it...i had the same thing on my single player
  8. dickbrown


    just checking...that was a long walk
  9. dickbrown


    are there any shops in swordfall??
  10. dickbrown

    A Question on Donating

    Pig...i had that problem last world lol
  11. dickbrown


    maybe its because of the beacons when im away from the center its seams a little better
  12. dickbrown


    I'll get some screenshots put together
  13. dickbrown


    Yah 1.7.10 ran just fine at 64fps but now since the update to 1.8 its down to 4fps in certain populated areas like towns but in the wilderness its just fine no lag what so ever
  14. dickbrown

    Exciting Changes coming your way!

    I really like this idea of ynefpavlov In stead of selling stuff to the admin shop you can just go and do a couple of quest, maybe have a couple of team quest...just a thought
  15. dickbrown

    More updates for 1.8 items and features.

    I only lag at the spawn in firebay at where the beacons are...i drop down to 23 fps there...but if im on 1.7 its fine
  16. dickbrown

    FireBay Village

    and also pictures of the town and the creators of firebay from left chris, silverfisher, dickbrown,mentyson, and Roewaid up front
  17. dickbrown

    FireBay Village

    they are furnished with a full bathroom
  18. dickbrown

    FireBay Village

    we have housing available for 500zingas
  19. dickbrown

    1.8.0 Questions

    I would love a 1.8 vinalla server just to play around on until the bukkit and plugin updates
  20. dickbrown

    Second market is now open for players!

    hey rio i went through a neather portal in supertown the one on top of supers house and when i went back through it spawned one in the market...i think i broke the market...i have tryed to destroy the portal but cant