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  1. kobra671

    Lag On The Server

    Has anyone been experiencing some lag on the server. I know its not only me because it has been happening to @icecosmicuprise @SuperZachlee3000 have too. How come this is happening and can it be fixed?
  2. kobra671

    Greif Reverts In Towns

    So I suggest if you live in a town, then you shouldn't be able to place a grief revert field. Because then it will be like how it was before with all messy grief reverts and all that like before. But if someones not in the town then they can place it OUTSIDE of it.
  3. kobra671

    A Cool Idea

    I thought of this when Swift said he would build a statue of me. I think there should be a little place with statues of people. For example, there would be the staff some helpers or have even members get there statues built. I can definietly help with this. :)
  4. kobra671

    Whats your favorite food?

    Mine is a corndog i love them :P
  5. kobra671

    New Account, need transfers

    This is Kobra871. I'm going to be playing on Kobra671 from now on. My Kobra871 account is totally messed up and I can't get into it anymore. (And no super it doesn't have to do with the hackers, its mojang) I need an admin+ to transfer over all my perms to Kobra671. I also ask that my D4 rank is...
  6. kobra671

    need help

    i need an admin asap my perms are screwed and i cant open doors talk open chests teleport