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  1. kobra671

    Direction of server, what worlds/types would you personally like?

    Lets do it, I'm excited to hopefully see everyone back.
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    why don't we build walls around them a 3x3 then a stack up 3 and make a wall, then light up the inside. it would be like a bridge but implanted into the ground lol
  4. kobra671

    Server Reset Details

    Eat yo candy
  5. kobra671

    Update to 1.8 items

    thats the beginning of the month xD
  6. kobra671

    Exciting Changes coming your way!

    Yeah about the zingas people are always coming on and saying "How do I make money?" And I usually say Vote, sell things to the adminshop, or donate. This would be another way and would be good
  7. kobra671

    Updates on the Reset?

    I'm just like fuck as long as everything is lost, i love it
  8. kobra671

    Players have been 'reset'

    I kept my money, at 100k.
  9. kobra671

    New Kalopsian Conglomeration

    Kalopsia...I miss that town. <3 :P
  10. kobra671

    Hello World!

  11. kobra671

    I cannot connect to the server.

  12. kobra671

    Players have been 'reset'

    Sweet, okay.
  13. kobra671

    Players have been 'reset'

  14. kobra671

    Players have been 'reset' there is no more mojang lol
  15. kobra671

    Players have been 'reset'

    Same thing happened to me and @icecosmicuprise
  16. kobra671


    o_O new york lol thats where i live
  17. kobra671

    Exciting Changes coming your way!

    Yeah like he said about the spawners....$150 for a wither spawner...personally I don't see anyone buying a wither spawner.
  18. kobra671

    Exciting Changes coming your way!

    W0w, this is great. I might consider donating again. :D
  19. kobra671

    Crhyoyo's Trial

    Look there I am, lol.