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  1. shotsboy123

    I'm back!

    Hey guys, remember me? I used to play MMC back when Valhalla was a town on the Towny server! I was an assistant for the town and now I'm back!
  2. shotsboy123

    I'll be leaving soon

    Important message. This week I was confirmed a place at Myerscough sports college where I will be undergoing a four year course in Sports and Teaching, due to this being a four year course and to the fact that I'm having to move away from home, I will no longer be continuing on MyMinecraft...
  3. shotsboy123

    A laptop for College.

    Hey Guys, as a few of you do know, I'm starting college officially this year, in July sometime (I've only been doing 6th form at the minute) I have a bit of a problem, I need a laptop, I don't really want to spend too much (much being £1000) of my Student Finance loan so I was just wondering...