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  1. MooseKos

    Direction of server, what worlds/types would you personally like?

    If its 2 worlds then a pve server and a pvp( with factions or towny with wars). If its one world probably a towny with pvp. Pve worlds get boring, unless you're trying to cater to the RP players.
  2. MooseKos


    i was really looking forward to salvaging xD and not in an exploit way, maybe if there was a way yo minimize the salvaging because the % or salvage seems fair for durability.
  3. MooseKos


    how was it exploitable?
  4. MooseKos


    Is the salvage skill working? @crhyoyo
  5. MooseKos


    I downlaoded it, im having flashbacks of horrible dayz and warz moments....
  6. MooseKos

    A Message to the Mayors.

    If Xoloz and I agree, you know there has to be a point.
  7. MooseKos

    Mcmmo, and Towny border change.

    ooooh this looks fun. But yes what skills will be nerfed to prevent abuse?
  8. MooseKos

    A Message to the Mayors.

    I killed you when you betrayed us, like i said in the last week or so. We attacked NewSuperTown in the last week. Besides that yes, I haven't been pvping much since towny came out. So far its a pain in the ass. Players who stay long enough to get situated don't want to leave because it's too...
  9. MooseKos

    A Message to the Mayors.

    I've rarely killed people since towny has come out actually, only the last week or so have we actually fought. How about you stop spawning in items and try running the town yourself and still play the game. It's just time consuming, if anything i'd rather not sit at the admin shop and click 64...
  10. MooseKos

    A Message to the Mayors.

    Yes, lets make the new players dirt poor.....
  11. MooseKos

    A Message to the Mayors.

    It's one thing to lose the town, but to have every item deleted is a bit harsh. In the past towns don't get deleted, so it's possible to change it. As for the tax it makes a huge difference. If taxes were by player a town could have 5 players with a 25z tax. Lets say 3 plots can be claimed per...
  12. MooseKos

    A Message to the Mayors.

    I'd support that
  13. MooseKos

    A Message to the Mayors.

    I, Moosekos of Taurostein have some questions for the fellow mayors and players of MMC: @mentyson of Firebay @zacsteeve5 of Skyfalls @Xoloz of Castle Eisenwulf @ynefpavlov of Fallorath @SuperZachlee3000 of New Super Town @Swiftflight of Trantor @LTDom of Sealand If you do not already...
  14. MooseKos


    this sounds amazing, its like hunger games except it lasts longer, is less work for the mods, and is even more fun
  15. MooseKos

    Featured Towns: Taurostein

    Dem pixely pixels
  16. MooseKos

    Community Suggestions!

    Before anyone says anything else about a Faction server and drama. Here's how it would be run: Mods/Admins should only be there to find xray/hacks. That's it. Its everything goes, with a specific chat for factions. If you don't like it, then get out. None of this whining petty bullshit like...
  17. MooseKos

    Halo 4

    Just to piss you off
  18. MooseKos

    Some mod ideas

    the stables mod worked without that
  19. MooseKos

    Some mod ideas some mods i thought were col, i was trying to find a mod that smelts armorbased on durability, but idk if any are reasonable