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    Is the salvage skill working? @crhyoyo
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    A Message to the Mayors.

    I, Moosekos of Taurostein have some questions for the fellow mayors and players of MMC: @mentyson of Firebay @zacsteeve5 of Skyfalls @Xoloz of Castle Eisenwulf @ynefpavlov of Fallorath @SuperZachlee3000 of New Super Town @Swiftflight of Trantor @LTDom of Sealand If you do not already...
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    Some mod ideas some mods i thought were col, i was trying to find a mod that smelts armorbased on durability, but idk if any are reasonable
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    Featured Towns: Taurostein

    Taurostein is one of the largest and most active towns in MMC. Members are encouraged to be on often to help with town affairs. We are primarily a pvp/economic town and thus look for members with at least some pvp experience, but any active member is welcome. Through loyalty and trust one can...
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    PS in Towny Area

    I've noticed quite a few grief reverts popping up in the towny area. I skimed he map and found at least 6, I'm not sure if there are more. @Tercept
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    PS Town Vs Towny Town

    I'm curious as to how PS towns function. I've tried looking it up online, but I cant seem to find a straightforward answer. Is there any kind of upkeep to these? Do they disappear after a certain amount of time? How much do they cost? I'd appreciate the information.
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    Important-Please Read

    @Tercept @Rio_fickle @fffizzz @bluechops @TheWolfsHeart @bingbong2715@Boosted_FG
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    Welcome to Taurostein player. Rook Island has a militaristic government run by an oligarchy of players. We focus on making our community as large and powerful as possible while dominating PvP and the economy. We would prefer active players with at least basic PvP knowledge. Advancement is...
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    Buying Spawners

    I understand trying to draw in money for keeping the server up, but I think buying spawners is a bit much. Now there is nothing special about finding multiple spawners and creating something awesome. Wither spawners are just insane, beacons will become worth next to nothing, they will be...
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    The New_Rook Chain Gang

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    LIFT Plugin

    I was playing on another server for a bit and they had this elevator plugin, At first i thought it would be confusing and cause some lag, but it worked very well. As far as I can see the plugin has been updated regularly for a couple of years so no worries there. I just thought it was a fun...
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    It Is Complete

    After hours of painstaking breeding I have finally gotten all of the breeds as far as I can tell. I'm not sure about white horses with the socks though. They are all available to be bred for any customer seeing as there is a high probability of having the same breed of offspring from 2 like...
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    Teleportation Time

    As most already know teleporting to other players and spawn takes 12 seconds. I was hoping it could be cut down to 6. I understand it installed to help the abuse of tping, but i feel 6 seconds is plenty long because: -pvp is no longer active in pve so we dont need a long tp for that -if someone...
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    Villagers Despawning

    I've noticed that there are no villagers, and when you spawn them with eggs they despawn soon after. I was told it was a glitch with a plugin that's installed, but i don't know which and whether or not it can be fixed. Also it'd be nice if i could get my 500z back that was wasted in villager...
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    Shop Incentives

    I tohught that having shop incentives would be a nice touch to pve. ALready there are towny incentives for mayors, so why not do the same for shops. They could be based off of # of items sold, size of the store, layout, how well it stocked, how visually appealing it is etc. Not large rewards...
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    Moose's Mining Emporium

    I'm renovating my shop south of spawn with a better layout, new items, and as good of pricing as i can tell. So if you haven't already seen it go south of spawn, you can't miss it. I BUY and sell a ton of stuff, and add new things whenever I can. There are also jobs and item requests available.
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    PvP Factions Complaining, Server unfairness in General

    There is way too much unfairness and complaining going on in PvP and this server in general. PvP is player vs player, it gets hostile, deal with it. It was removed from PvE, which i still don't understand. Now its a separate world, if you want to join, don't be a pussy. If you don't like what...
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    Mobs despawning

    Everytime I get on, all of out friendly mobs have despawned. Chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, and its really annoying lol.