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  1. IronGuardian7

    The Eucalyptic (Minecraft Ship)

    I don't know if any one even remembers this thing because it was an Easter egg on the 1.2 map. It was in the left corner and since no one ever explores these damn maps, it was never found. Luckily, i employed people to make a build video of it, but they all quit because it was "Too big"...
  2. IronGuardian7

    Ok redstone, You got me, now stop.

    Ok, so making a pumpkin farm and i test to see if it works. With a button. It works, just that it won't stop. The power source is INFINITE. Destroying any redstone will do nothing except the ones connected to a repeater. The only way to stop it is to go the the middle and destroy one specific...
  3. IronGuardian7

    The Economy

    Guise. We've have had trouble with the economy in the past, but that was after months of a new world. The economy that we are in (PvE/Wild) has taken a turn for the worse. And it's only been a week or two since the reset. My friend, who is not brand new to the server, just started playing...
  4. IronGuardian7

    DS Thread

    Honestly, i really don't play my 3DS much or ever. But recently i've starting to get back into it. I literally had over a 100 games when i was little and sold them all to get these turtle beaches and a iTunes card (Worst mistake i made when i was little, i did make like 700$ in that sell). But...
  5. IronGuardian7

    channel(s) Not working in different worlds.

    So recently, or yesterday, i noticed that people in my channel could not see my chat and i could not see theirs if they were in another world. Same goes for everybody else if they're in another world. - I'm in creative building and my faction members are in pvp. I can't see their chat. They...
  6. IronGuardian7

    This is IronGuardian7

    Hello, my name is *Blep Bleeep* and i am a Minecraft vet. Played it 1.6 (Okay, not that much Vet) and found out on this awesome game on YouTube. Also dragged all my friends into it so i don't look like a geek/loser. As of now, I am 15 years old and a virgin. :[ Play Football, Futbol/Soccer...
  7. IronGuardian7

    Damn Minecraft. You Horny!

    bing, we told you to stop showing everyone.
  8. IronGuardian7

    I need advice

    Hokea, i recently came into a lot of problems in my life recently, and instead of talking to my Parents or my school counselor or looking it up on Google/9gag(Bad idea), i decided to ask you guys. The MMC community, for help. These are all problems that i have in real life. They're not...
  9. IronGuardian7

    My Army

    I am leading a small army. We are Mercenaries for now and will kill for z. We are currently looking for recruits, but only the strong will survive. (EDIT: You'll make it for sure, no one else is joining) Our goal is to take over the petty worlds and unite them and then destroy them. You know...