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  1. fffizzz

    MMC Nostalgia Thread

    How ya been man? Haven't heard from you in a long while! Hope all is well!
  2. fffizzz

    Hafoldir, an old city of MMC

    wow! great work my dude!
  3. fffizzz

    Idea's Tips and Input!

    Ya, that's a tough one! Magic Carpet likely hasn't been updated in years. We can certainly brainstorm on this one though.
  4. fffizzz

    Idea's Tips and Input!

    I think this is why it was removed last time. I'll have a look and see if it can at least be toned down.
  5. fffizzz

    Idea's Tips and Input!

    Bank is built, I'll work on fixing help. Rail network is a great idea! I'll remove sand from the vein mining, not really an ore anyway.
  6. fffizzz

    Idea's Tips and Input!

    Resource world / Mining world is in the plan already! I think wolf covered most everything else for me. :)
  7. fffizzz

    We're officially on new hardware! Map size doubled!

    We completed our move to the new server this morning. I'm honestly surprised how well the previous one did as it was just a little VPS. We're now no longer limited by things like memory, diskspace, etc. I've already gotten the proxy setup, running (transparent to you all), this allows us to do...
  8. fffizzz

    What's new this month at MMC?

    We have lots of new things to do and improvements to general game play. I won't highlight everything in this post as a lot is still a work in progress, but this should at least help with some of the new stuff that you can use right now. 1. Mine entire veins in one shot! Simply crouch/sneak...
  9. fffizzz

    Any volunteers for some spawn building?

    Looking for a couple people to help create an epic spawn. If you're interested, let me know and we will organize some building. Worldedit can be used to speed things up..
  10. fffizzz

    Updated server to 1.13.2

    CHANGES IN 1.13.2 Improved performance of upgrading worlds Improved startup time Improved performance of turtle pathfinding Improved mob spawning performance General other performance improvements MC-134115 - Containers next to chunk borders can lose items when upgrading MC-91621 - Mobs...
  11. fffizzz

    Direction of server, what worlds/types would you personally like?

    I hear ya, I don't think any of us at this point know what the future holds. Our attention was burned out a long while back. Taking things slowly, I just like to plan ahead and was curious to peoples thoughts.
  12. fffizzz

    Direction of server, what worlds/types would you personally like?

    I'm enjoying the simple nature of the server at the moment, but I know simplicity only lasts so long. Worlds: --- Spawn (newbs spawn in the hub world, also used to go to other places) --- Survival --- ??? Easy enough to setup multi world configuration again. Just not sure what everyone wants.
  13. fffizzz

    Who's up for a reboot?

    Who's up for a reboot?
  14. fffizzz

    Atherion Mod Application

    Approved! :D
  15. fffizzz

    The possibilities are worth mentioning.

    I need a few weeks before I decide on anything. I'm You mean as FTB required a Ferarri powered PC with 10x SLI graphics config to get 45 fps? :D (btw, i know that no such thing exists, just being a smart ass)(I dont know why im explaining myself lol)
  16. fffizzz

    The possibilities are worth mentioning.

    That's one thing feed the beast did right, create an installer for client installation. I consider myself very much technically inclined, yet I would constantly have issues with Forge and other mod loaders...
  17. fffizzz

    Content Creation Team - Seeking new members

    No worries, understandable. Part of the reason the requirement for hours is so nill.. 5 hours isn't too much, of course I wont stop people from doing more than that either. :) Glad to see your interested in this NIko. The one main point that I can bring up is the scale of your builds. I'm sure...
  18. fffizzz

    Content Creation Team - Seeking new members

    Red, while we dont have any definitive plans, we're actively working on dynamic content and a very versitile questing system. In regards to not having any plans, that's one of the things we're hoping the CCT can help overcome. In regards to supplying materials needed for these functions, we're...
  19. fffizzz

    Wither Event

    Perhaps, we can make a bedrock arena to hold the beast and prevent everything from being destroyed (if it does). I think we turned off block destruction for withers though, I'll double check.
  20. fffizzz

    Wither Event

    Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see how it turns out!