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    Atherion Mod Application

    I dunno, this guy looks... Shady. I mean we're talking more than Hans Rhodtang of Pie People. #sush1formadmin2016
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    Help me :c

    Hrm, how much RAM have you allocated for MC? From what I can tell, I have minimal experience with the launcher script mind you, there's none. The line: allocated:0 tallocated:0 Also, you could try running it as an administrator, that "should" clear up any permission based problems.
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    Faces of MyMinecraft

    *Taps wrist* Hey look at the time, it's Swift's face o'clock.
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    Swift's New Desktop PC!

    Personal advice, don't use Mint. .-. Then again, my laptop has an early dev build that can't update.
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    A horrendous announcement

    Medical bills. Which I was being sued for.
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    A horrendous announcement

    Man, I know that feel. :I I mean I wasn't burglarized, but I was sued for nonpayment. I ended up selling everything I owned. Thankfully this desktop has a value of the dust it gathers.
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    An inevitable end.

    Not possible, managed to get a command prompt after a few hours. Also, looking for a key for windows 7 ultimate. xD
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    An inevitable end.

    Dis, Formatting and reinstalling should fix doe.
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    An inevitable end.

    I'm not dead. ._. I'm certainly not pulling a Leo either. On, the upside, desktop might be fixed here soon.
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    An inevitable end.

    So, here it is, my final goodbye. I'm returning my laptop to cover medical expenses. Bai.
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    Earliest Memory of MMC?

    Uh, it was beta 1.7-somethongorother, Server was "Soft-Whitelisted", I hadn't WL'd yet, and I was just some random guy. All of the people I played with at the time ended up banned. So, yea, not really a good one, but it was a thing.
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    New theme is live...

    Wha, my eyes feel bleached suddenly. ;~; Feels so minty and refreshing. Side note; if wolf's a content creator, am I a lazy bum?
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    Mods the good the bad and the amazingly fun in small doses

    And as a follow up, if you want to stay vanilla, don't contemplate adding more plugins. While it may be fun, it seems to deter player who seem to cling to the server for a more "classic vanilla" feel.
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    Mods the good the bad and the amazingly fun in small doses

    This appears to be a common theme among most "Anti-Mod" players. Not sure if people are hindered by the thought of the old times of installing multiple mods and constructing the client themselves, or if it's the installation of anything at all. It's come a long way since the old times. While...