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    Thank you.

    Ofcourse Lynn
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    Thank you.

    Awww bobby ross :( We will still have clash xD
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    See you later!

    Lol it's all good and ill try :P
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    See you later!

    I see how it is vase... xD Hah jk, even though we were enemy's for a while it will be different lol. Take care man ;)
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    Wither Event

    Sounds fun. I'll stop by and check it out ;) btw withers do destroy things.
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    A horrendous announcement

    nuuuu bobby ross :(
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    New Donation Idea

    Sounds cool! I don't see a problem with it :)
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    An inevitable end.

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    Giant Tree

    Behold...the giant wood block of justice!
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    Earliest Memory of MMC?

    My earliest memory is being in Hoodie Town on the 1.6 map with LAForsman at my small cobble house. I also remember there was a world limit outside the town along with a ravine under my house covered in torches. The town was also in a desert and I think it might have been near the spawn shop. I...
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    Super CIty

    We also are expanding our town walls and are getting more plots so if you ever want to be added just ask me peppy or anyone in our town :D
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    Uploading files in a convo

    What type of image? Like gif, jpeg ect
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    Uploading files in a convo

    When uploading pictures, try dragging pictures into the conversation text box and press full image at the bottom to make it load.
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    Essential signs Or Chestshop which do you prefer?

    I like chestshop better because I have always used it and I am used to the commands. Didn't really have much of a connection with the essentials signs but we could still keep them.