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    MMC Nostalgia Thread

    #Crying It was quite the run fellas.
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    Just wanna remind remind everyone that this exists

    I've changed a little bit.
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    Four Years with MMC

    You suck. Edit from Tercept: Undeleted. While it may seem offensive at first, these two are very good friends and joke like this.
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    Regarding 1.8

    Eh, he did ok.
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    MMC Dating Community

    Congrats, Miss you Lk
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    Totally against raising the price of Miner's Haste

    Much Survival So Wow
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    Bring Back /Stables!!!

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    Encourage combat outside of city borders

    I've noticed combat (if not all) is usually occuring within city limits or borders, it's not fun for the players being camped 24/7 to where the time they have to play they can't expand their town. Can we all come to a conclusion or some type of solution to maybe encourage actual "Battles" to...
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    Please fix this

    You're able to see ban appeals from the new replies section on the forums. No, you can't see the actual appeal unless you're a mod+ but it still takes up reply space and removes a spot for normal members to communicate with. I know, it makes it easier for mods to be like "Oh hey, a new ban...
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    Halo 4

    Oh m8 u gon git rekt nao. muda fuk
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    Halo 4

    It's all about Halo - why post COD in a halo thread. Please kill yourself (not literally)
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    The Coalition

    Xoloz and Ynef have the best roleplay - I don't care how bad ass your towns are - they're gonna win.
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    Halo 4

    I just recently rebought my xbox live gold - my first two matches went as follows 48 - 3 50 - 1 I think I'm doing pretty well . Big Team Slayer btw.
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    Hello dear ol' friends

    Welcome back Faggot.