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    MMC Nostalgia Thread

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    There's a Facebook page called Its Simply Survival, like it and recieve newsfeed on MMC and the new server. And it currently says that team speak is down so it has nothing to do with ur computer.
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    Content Creation Team - Seeking new members

    Oh yeah i can definitely do this. Ive already been helping the server in the ways i can and im already one of the most active members of this community talking to you guys every day. i was just trying to say that im mostly helping ppl and building machines and stuff for my base and that i havent...
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    Content Creation Team - Seeking new members

    I am willing to join i don't really think ived built anything amazing like foose but I have helped him and dwa with many other buildings. Im a good helper and I don't think I'm amazing at building but I think I'm pretty good. And atleast in my opinion im a very helpfull person so I can also help...
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    Feedback Time (again)!

    I am so far loving the server but I do admit that it does get boring after a while but that's Minecraft and that's why other noobs made mods. So because we are trying to be a vanilla server then let's try adding games or tournaments like every once in a while have like a pop quiz or a sumotory...
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    Feeling Lucky?

    Wooohoo finally had a great time working on it thank you soo much for letting me help Foose.
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    Welcome to the New Spawn

    Wow amazing!!!
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    Yeah so instead of me going to single player server I can quickly change servers and test something. I like it :)
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    Show Me the Money! (New Players Money Making Guide)

    Yes we needed this forum SOO bad thank you @MrTatish1 .
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    A horrendous announcement

    Oh man sorry to hear that man hope you get your stuff back.
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    Earliest Memory of MMC?

    Ok I guess we are all doing story time so ima take a turn. So it all happened when me and my friend @ashkonjohn if anyone remembers him were looking for a towny server and we found this one. We join in and see everyone saying Welcome and we were like oh cool. So this was 1.5-1.6 I think and I...
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    Lol its Hrad.

    Lol its Hrad.
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    Earliest Memory of MMC?

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    List of all ranks available for purchase with IGM

    That would be a good idea but I think they want to add a bit of a suprise to it to make it better. But trust me, you unlock some usefull stuff ao your gonna want to rank up.
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    New theme is live...

    i like it but now it seems a bit confuzing but i just gotta get use to it