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    Hafoldir, an old city of MMC

    Looks good Ynef.! Somehow you managed to finish a building project. You and I have always had trouble finishing our projects.
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    Direction of server, what worlds/types would you personally like?

    Not sure if people are ready to commit to Minecraft again. I think we all love to play with the old gang again, but I don't think all is ready for a long run. If its the case, that we will continue and try to make progress, then I will gladly help a bit. :D
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    Atherion Mod Application

    You really funny! :P
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    MMC Nostalgia Thread

    Someone who can tell who the player is that is surrounded by zombies? :P PvP made a lot of enemies while I was in camelot. PvP was crazy back then! :)
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    Feedback Time (again)!

    The server is aiming for more vanilla kinda gameplay, so adding something like that, would be a step away. (The mods and different weapons and such.) + If we start using mods, where people would have to download something to join, then people would stop joining. I suggest players start taking...
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    Help me :c

    I wish I could help you out vase, but I honestly don't know much about that kind of stuff.
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    Feedback Time (again)!

    I like the ideas from Ynef and Roe, but if we would do this, then we kinda decide what people would have to do. People have always been able to join this server and go play the game as they wish. If this is something the player base would like to see coming up, then some few players could take...
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    Feeling Lucky?

    Can't wait to spend all my money on this ;) Those pictures looks really great foose.! Good job mate
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    Weekly newsletter?

    We will Think about that yes! Perhaps a treasure Hunt. Thanks for the feedback. We give a donor suggestion every newspaper, but yea we might add a puzzle or hint :)
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    More "off topic" sub forums?

    Some sub forums we could have: - Goodbye or introduction forum. I see a lot of people making threads of their goodbyes or when they join and say hello to the server. Same goes for those who rejoin and wish to announce their arrivel. (this I often see in Offtipic.) - Other games/movies people...
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    New Donation Idea

    It sounds like a good suggestion, but I think we are good enough without. One of my reasons is, I don't wish to see the chat being all wierd and stuff. Would be great to have the global chat as simple as possible. And you can type with color in a personal channel. So get one of those instead and...
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    More "off topic" sub forums?

    Do et!
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    Earliest Memory of MMC?

    Those days were wild and crazy mike! :P My first memory of my time here would be a lot like yours mike. Few hours after I joined camelot in 1.1 (2011) me and fellow residents started killing other town members and ended up quickly being a hated town for some :D
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    Open Beta Testing of a New Plugin

    I have to add, that I find the recipe book awesome, so people don't have to ask for how to make this or they have to go check wiki all the time.
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    Open Beta Testing of a New Plugin

    At first I found this plugin awesome and thought it had some cool features and it still have that. But as Ynef mentioned, then this seems like a big step in the other direction of a more vanilla minecraft game. Ever since I rejoined the idea of mmc, was it should be more vanilla minecraft like...